Punkbuster kick guide for Call of duty 4
PunkBuster(PB) FAQ & update

PunkBuster is Call of Duty 4 's anti-cheat software integrated into the game to improve the fairness and quality of the game play experience for players.

1. Updating PunkBuster (PB)

Generally, PunkBuster can be updated when the game is running. However, the manual update is a sure way of having the latest or preferred PunkBuster version you want to use.

You can download the “pbsetup”, install and update by this program:

Official Download: go to www.evenbalance.com

Check for manual update, please go to


2. FAQs

1. Error Info: empty win32 module list
Answer: Most probably caused by virus. Scan your hard disc and clear the virus.

2. Error Info: Inadequate O/S Privileges
Answer: Your privilege is not enough, please use admin account.

3. Kick Info: All PB Restrictions on this server
PunkBuster Client:WARNING PB kicks for ...... all PB Restrictions on this server

Answer: You are using suspicious software or hardware. Recover what changes you made.

4. Kick Info: This PB Server requires (Axxxx Cx.xxx) - error loading pbcl
Answer: You are banned from this server. It is still in banned status.

6. Kick info: No Packet Flow. Kicked after connecting to the server for a while
You have been kicked via PunkBuster (for 0 minutes) ...
No Packet Flow

Answer: Your PunkBuster(PB) is not installed or PB files are destroyed, reinstall PB.

7. Kick info: MD5 tool mismatch: xxxxx.xxx
Answer: When PB checks the files, there’s mismatch. E.g. you changed the music file. Recover the original COD file to solve it.

8. Kick info Losing key packets....
"You have been kicked via Punkbuter (for o minutes)Losing key packets"

1) Losing key packets *********
Open Task manager and end process PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe, then start the game again.
2) Losing key packets (A)******* / losing key packets ( ******

Uninstall PB => Install again => Update PB.

9. Kick Info: RESTRICTION: Corrupted File/Memory [81058]
Answer: PB/Game files corrupted, reinstall the game and PB.

10. Kick Info: time out trying to update pb client
Answer: Do manual update. (Explained on the top)

11. Kick Info: GLOBAL PunkBuster xxxxxxxx BAN xxxxx
Answer: It is due to your own dirty behavior on trying to cheat. This is global ban! = = It might be, if you are really bad lucky enough, caused by some unofficial Graphics Card Driver. Go to PB website and complain. We cannot help.

12Kick Info: GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN 8a02f1f0
Answer: your days of gaming are over

13. Kick Info: Disallowed Program/Driver
Answer: You have installed drivers or programs which cannot be recognized by PB. Install the official driver.

14.Kick Info: Blocked O/S xxxxxxxxxx
Answer: Two possibilities:
1) If you have any DVD in your DVD-ROM, take it out
2) Add PB to the trusted list of your anti-virus software.

Answer: You disconnected and reconnect immediately to the same server. PB kicks you as you seem to be using other player’s key.

16. Kick Info: This PB server requires (A 1373 C1 .289)-Error loading pbag
You have been kicked via PunkBuster(for 0 minutes)...This PB server requires (A 1373 C1 .289)-Error loading pbag

Answer: Reinstall PB, and game if need be.

17. Kick Info: Violation (COMFAIL) #132
1) You might have a modified DLL: Delete all PB files and PB directory. Reinstall the PB and update.
2) … caused by router setting, need set the IP mapping. (= = never tried, pls add more info)

18. Kick Info: PB Important : XXXXXX
Answer: Reinstall PB. Remember to delete existing one.

19. Kick Info: INIT FAILURE or pbcl.dll pbag.dll error or Update timeout
Answer: Use the manual update introduced earlier instead of auto update.

20. Kick Info: VIOLATION (PB HACK)
Answer: You have some suspicious program running to skip PB

21. Kick Info: Service Communic Failure: PunkBster.exe
1) Is PB installed in the directory whose name is English.
2) Check your anti-virus or firewall. They may clock PB.
3) Check if PB is started normally in the task manager.