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    [RELEASE] Awe4some Version 6

    A year after the last update, version 6 is now ready to go live.

    Version 6 is the largest version so far, containing even more exciting features to make killing your enemy so much fun, and in so many different ways.

    The mod mixes the great features of AWE4 with custom innovative ideas from people such as KiLL3R to bring a unique gaming experience to the users.

    Overview of Features:

    - Customised menus
    - Custom load screen
    - Custom Main Menu
    - 230 Ranks
    - Air strike is back
    - Overkill perk
    - No gun sway for the snipers
    - Updated Ion Cannon hard point
    - Mortar Barrage hard point
    - Meteor Shower hard point
    - Black Hawk hard point
    - Custom/updated quick message menu
    - Electro music play list
    - Rock music play list
    - Random 1 & 2 play lists
    - Ghillee camouflage toggle option
    - Gun laser toggle option
    - Spawn protection
    - New admin tools
    - Custom weapon skins

    Note: Ranks may be a bit messed up when you first play on the update. When you rank up for the first time, everything will work ok again, so get killing!

    Server Name: insane.hardcore new maps!

    Server IP:

    If you wish to manually download the files, you can do so from:

    Then just place all the files in them in C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\Mods\awe4some

    Screen Shots:

    Thanks To:

    KiLL3R - for his efforts in co-producing this mod update and his many features from K3.

    NovemberDobby - for his help and advice in achieving the new ranking setup.

    Project107 - for his glove/arm skins for insane.

    AWE Team (RGN) - for the AWE4 source code. All rights to AWE source code is reserved by RGN.

    If you've used Awe4some, let us know what you think.

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    Re: MODS

    you all have to check out the Obscurity MOD on EAS's server (Kevlar's Clan's server) as it is a blast to play.

    Even though there is a learning curve to being the 'obscurity' (ghost) it doesn't matter because it'll make you jump out of your seat, or at least give you a good laugh.

    We're featuring the Obscurity server on our XFire Favorite servers NOW!

    The basics of what it's about:

    There are a couple or few 'Obscruity's' randomly selected. If you are one, you are invisible except for a slight abbreviation in the air... you get special weapons that can do all sorts of spooky type stuff (cool)... everyone else are left as humans, fully armed and given extra weapons to help defeat the Obscruity like laser lines that you can string across a space that ring when an Obscurity runs (or leaps) through them.
    Essentially the humans will tend to group together to help protect one another, lol, and you'll need their help. If you go it alone, even if you cover a door an Obscurity can move thru walls and even possess you.

    It's fun to watch EVERYONE run out of a room thinking that an Obscurity has entered it, and people shooting in thin air jumping and running for their lives.

    Watch the video and how the Obscurity can leap across the map and scare the side-burns off the most hardened soldier

    Here's the info on the MOD:

    Here's a list of other servers running the MOD:
    AU/NZ Servers

    Name: HitLoc Pre-Release
    (show/hide server details)

    Name: H*EA*T Obscurity
    (show/hide server details)

    Name: ATS Obscurity
    (show/hide server details)

    Name: SoS||Obscurity
    (show/hide server details)

    Name: AMI-MVM Obscurity
    (show/hide server details)

    UK/Europe Servers

    Name: |LoG|OBSCURITY
    (show/hide server details)

    Name: RetoxSquad OBS
    (show/hide server details)

    Name: [WJF] Obscurity
    (show/hide server details)

    (show/hide server details)

    Name: PCFormat Obscurity
    (show/hide server details)

    Name: RetoxSquad HitLoc
    (show/hide server details)

    US/Canada Servers

    Name: [EAS]OBS Elim
    (show/hide server details)

    Name: [EAS] HitLoc
    (show/hide server details)

    Name: *{BD}* OBSCURITY
    (show/hide server details)

    Name: *{BD}*MaTriX
    (show/hide server details)

    Name: |Zs| Obscurity
    (show/hide server details)

    Name: |Tau| OBS Elim
    (show/hide server details)

    Name: *{HiH}*Obscurity Mod

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