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    Server Surfing CALL OF DUTY 2

    Call of Duty 2, COD1, COD

    Question: What is Server Surfing?

    Answer: Server Surfing is anyone who wants to join us visiting a lot of game servers, to boost their fun and ours. It's great to meet new people, to play on a variety of servers and be challenged by new rules of engagement and to perhaps find a new favorite home. Join us surfing some fun game servers.

    Here's a few of our favorite servers. Jump on your surf board and try 'em out and let us know what you think.

    Copy and paste the IP into your xFire favorites to launch.


    We're ready to accept your clan's servers, be sure to post your clan info (follow guidelines) and server IPs in our Clan Network and post in this thread as well to be included.

    NOTICE: All Servers must be running PunkBuster by EvenBalance at a minimum or their appropriate AntiCheat software. If you see your server listed and it is not running PB, let us know so we can remove it.

    as you can see we're ready for your server banners,

    so bring it on!

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    Re: Server Surfing CALL OF DUTY 2 A2 Gaming

    IP Address: TheSaxonFighter I |BAT|Server TDM Pit || Christian Snipers

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    Re: Server Surfing CALL OF DUTY 2

    Call of Duty

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