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    Americas Army 3.0

    This Topic will adress the following:
    1) The Game Americas Army 3.0
    2) The staff of said game

    1) Americas Army 3.0 has been oficcially launched on June 17th. It has been a complete catastrophe up until now. Read HERE about known issues to date. The AA gaming community is less than amused. AA 3.0 was supposed to "kick" the game out of the sluggish 2.x versions, but it has apparently only made it worse.
    I admit that I havn't tried it, but from reports from fellow Gamers, I deign it my duty to tell you that this game deserves 20/100 points. (The points result from the good idea and neat graphics. No further points can yet be awarded.)

    2) All AA Dev's (Developers) have been fired. A whole new team will be put together.

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    Re: Americas Army 3.0

    If the game is that bad then I agree that they should all be fired. Thanks for the update and game rating.

    I'd pump up the rating to something easier to read, like maybe this:


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    Re: Americas Army 3.0

    There seem to have been some internal problems:

    Quote Originally Posted by [url[/url]]

    I worked as a Dev at AA Emeryville for the last year and a half and I hope I can appeal to your rationality and common sense. I would like you to imagine trying to build a game with an impossible deadline, steadily declining workforce (via firings), A hiring freeze, constantly being fed misinformation, having the “higher ups” completely ignore your weekly plea for either A) more time, or B) more manpower, working a ton of unpaid overtime, pouring your heart and soul into a misadventure only to have the uniformed community scoff at you for uncontrollable variables….. RIGHT when you’ve just lost your job.

    There are problems with the release beyond the devs control. In fact, the bureaucracy is so convoluted that you can’t even begin to imagine the breadth and scope of B.S. the devs had to deal with daily. in short, imagine being the subcontractor of a subcontractor of a contractor to the government. Sure Millions of dollars may have been poured into this project, but how much do you think made it to the actual DEV team, the people MAKING the game, after it was filtered by the bureaucracy?

    I realize if you are a gamer, you rightly expect a game to work. period. But I would ask that you imagine for a second that you actually DON’T understand what it takes to make this particular game, and you really don’t understand the many obstacles that were placed in front of the Devs… in nerdy terms: A Kobiyashi maru.

    What I would like you to understand is that the Devs did everything they could, worked a TON of unpaid overtime, put their time and passion into an un-winnable situation, and were effectively stabbed in the back. Many of these guys are my close friends, they have family to take care of, and overpriced rent to deal with. They just came off busting their butts for months, to be let go, without warning. Perhaps a little empathy is in order here.

    Almost every multiplayer online game has problems upon release. These problems become exaggerated when a development team is kept in constant turmoil and paranoia via misinformation and a high rate of employee turnover. When the people you trust around you are being let go, it becomes difficult to emotionally invest yourself in the titanic sinking ship. Nonetheless, I can tell you the Devs STILL pushed themselves as hard as they could.

    Furthermore, the problem with the game at this point, has everything to do with the authentication servers being slammed, A.K.A not a controllable variable by the Devs. Sure there are bugs, they WERE being fixed, and now you’ll be lucky to see any fixes in the near future.

    For those of you who think Redstone arsenal will do a better job, well…. I won’t have to tell you that you’re sadly mistaken because you’ll see for yourself.

    I’m not sure why i’ve felt compelled to write this when I’m sure it will get deleted, or even scoffed at further, but I hoped to let the fans know that we tried as hard as we could and are very bummed to see the fruits of our labor shoved at gamers like a heaping pile of crap.

    Hobo was good enough to save an image of the post before it disappeared HERE

    Show your support and sign the petition thanking them for their hard work and dedication to us the AA community!! Sign Here
    A new patch has been made, some fixes done.

    Quote Originally Posted by Patch
    Updates to America's Army 3 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

    America's Army 3

    -Removed apparent lag caused by other players entering or leaving a server
    -Improved start of round spawn issues
    -Resolved problem with training results not saving
    -Improved communication with Authentication server
    -Eliminated freezing up when moving from one training mission to another
    -Cleared up hesitation during training missions
    -Significantly reduce number of authentication transactions between player and Authentication server
    -Solved achievements save and display problems
    -Improved Login communication with Authentication server
    -Improved player statistics tracking for better accuracy
    -Improved overall performance

    Some tweaks for the game are also available:

    Setting processor affinity, for those that have multi-core CPUs:

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    Re: Americas Army 3.0

    Will revise my judgement when I finally have the game, it takes a bit to DL, I have stuff going on atm and I havn't played it yet. People in my clan tell me it's good. I have based my 20% on Screenshots, nothing more, so the 20% is really the highest I could give atm. So I would still encourage people to get the game. A lot of patches and bugfixes have come out in the last couple of days. That is normal with a new game.

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    Re: Americas Army 3.0

    New patch released yesterday
    The game is getting better. I have only heard very positive replys on gameplay/graphics (Apparently they deserve 11/10, so wow)/sound/etc.
    The only thing that is still annoying is: You can only in some cases make player names longer than 15 characters. This is extremely annoying for people called .-(AUST)-.Pirate#11
    You can't seem to change the playername, but will have to make a new one every time... Wow...

    Quote Originally Posted by patch
    Removes Password from AA3Launch.log

    Fix for MBS not working after server changes to a new map

    Fixes TeamReady in Mission Preplanning

    Updated authentication SDK to improve reliability and performance

    Fix for freezing on training mission load

    Improved performance on loading maps/training missions

    Fixed several small memory leaks

    Fixed performance issue with server that caused it to load UI elements into the server (where they aren't needed) and thus use up additional CPU and memory.

    Modified training authentication so it is more efficient

    Modified AMD negative delta time exception handling so it no longer stops the server or client, but just logs the event

    Fixed Admin add Player Admin

    Fixed Admin kicking of players. Now works properly with Soldier name and has optional kick by player ID

    Add new AdminListPlayers to get list of players and their player ID's

    Removes most of the server log spam, especially that tied to missions and mission setup and ROE

    Fixes several issues related to ROE firing off when player is bleeding, asphyxiating, or falling after being wounded by ROE

    You can now strafe on ladders so you don't get stuck in Pipeline or Obstacle Course. Strafe too far and you fall off, just like AA 2.x

    Modified program startup to clear out any old ATS temporary files

    Improved scoring messaging support for training missions

    Fixes several scoring issues

    Optimizes more of the authentication code and adds better exception handling in it

    Adjusts STS (stats) integration to better detect invalid objects to avoid crashes

    Fixes issues with single player stats not correctly initializing all of the time

    Adds feedback to UI when player purchases training until purchase is complete (says "Purchasing")

    Modifies MBS to track how many players are playing vs. how many players are on the server (player + Spectators) and now MBS browser only shows the number of players (so the count won't exceed max players)

    Turns HUD off whenever menu is activated (still an issue with battle planner activation the first time, however)

    Adjusts the close menu logic to always close properly so double menus should no longer happen

    Improved console help

    Display of the Soldier clan name in the Soldier overview page and better console commands to set the clan tag and remove it

    Fixes an Admin VOIP setting issue and improves feedback to players and Admin when VOIP options are changed mid-game

    New "version" console command to see the current version

    Few more Admin help typos were corrected

    Version number will show as 3.0.3 on the login page and several related UI pages

    Has some MBS Browser performance improvements so lists should retrieve faster and more servers will be listed

    Has an INI option to try out a caching version of the browser that will avoid refreshing the list automatically when you leave a server - but this is disabled by default until it can be thoroughly tested for the next patch. We would appreciate your feedback on this item

    Fixes joining password protected servers so it no longer selects the server underneath the mouse cursor when clicking on the "Join" button in the password entry dialog

    Improvement (but not final fix) to issues relating to selecting the ammo type for the 320

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    Re: Americas Army 3.0

    been playing for 4 days now and it a good game.
    <br /><br /><br />

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    Re: Americas Army 3.0

    I have now played AA3 for about 15mins, didn't even get through all of the training, but it makes me feel that I can give an update on how good the game is.

    Graphics 9/10 Maybe my computer is not good enough to go 10/10, but the graphics are really neat, although they don't look like a photograph quite yet.
    Bugs: I havn't yet gotten around to checking it, but it's a new game, bound to be a lot, but the fixes are rolling quite quickly.
    Menu Layout 10/10, very easy to use, maybe even more easy than AA2.x
    Gameability: 5/5 for teamwork, 5/5 for training (Probably the most realistic one I have seen), 5/5 for healing, you don't just go to green, but will stay yellow/red but you won't bleed to death, very realistic. Havn't gotten to the last three.
    Gaming fun for now a 10, replayability also, but thats because I havn't played it so often yet.
    Sound 9/10, maybe my boxes arn't good enough.
    Critique: 10'd, very realistic.

    So 63/100 for now.

    And patch update, size 1GB.

    Quote Originally Posted by AA Forums
    Happy Independence Day!

    Just in time for the July 4th weekend, we're rolling out another patch will solve some additional issues and improve certain functions, and is available through the Deploy Client and Steam. Here's what this patch contains:

    Patch Version 3.0.4

    * Improved console help
    * Added Clan support. Add clan tag in Account Settings. You must change information while in single player mode for now.
    * Admin VOIP Improvements
    * New "version" console command to see the current version
    * Server browser performance improvements
    * Fixes joining password protected servers so it no longer selects the server underneath the mouse cursor when clicking on the "Join" button in the password entry dialog.
    * Fix for settings menu improperly closing when ESC pressed and leaving the player stuck with no UI and limited control
    * Mission generation optimizations
    * Fixed issue with logging into game servers that sometimes used another player's soldier profile.
    * New TS3 SDK integrated
    * Improves how server manages authentication objects
    * Fixes issue with players being added to the scoring system not having all of their scoring data written.
    * Fixes issue where players not logged into MBS were being logged out if they left the server prior to authenticating
    * M320 grenade attaching issue resolved.
    * Dedicated server title bar now shows mission and player details
    * Fixes the "Waiting for other players" UI so it now appears again.
    * Removes some server logging
    * Increased communications handling to support when all players use heavy load outs. This may correct many instances where players didn't spawn correctly or get the correct load out.
    * Fixes the M320 getting an extra round of ammo
    * Fixes the Account Settings password changing not working properly
    * Fixes the IRC link not working
    * Fixes the displayed mission type (assault/defense/etc.) shown in the battle planner so it displays properly after side-swapping

    Enjoy the new patch and the holiday weekend!

    Source: Americas Army Forums

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    Re: Americas Army 3.0

    Thanks inferno, now that annoucement makes sense. Do you happen to know of a link to the patch?

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    Re: Americas Army 3.0

    Quote Originally Posted by GreenBean HH
    Thanks inferno, now that annoucement makes sense. Do you happen to know of a link to the patch?
    The patches download themselves, either through STEAM or through the Deploy Client. There are no more exe's to be downloaded.

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    Re: Americas Army 3.0

    Well, the video showed that the graphics are really neat, but what the guy is describing as "buggy" and "annoying" is actually just him not being good at playing... But a nice video to show the gameplay.

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    Re: Americas Army 3.0

    Game is now 3.0.5 from what I can tell. New patch, solves a whole other range of bugs, including the most pesky one, the clan tags and user names!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Patch
    * More messaging when unable to connect to server for particular circumstances like full servers, etc.
    * More enhancements to PunkBuster implementation.
    * Adds in switching viewpoints during pb validation and adds in messaging to let player know something is happening.
    * Streamlined the server connect
    * Adjusted the ftmp cleanup logic so it works properly on the server.
    * New Auth SDK that fixes MBS query issues, several crashes, and memory leaks.
    * Better feedback to players kicked from training due to not being qualified.
    * Fixes to player count in Internet Browser
    * Fix for HUD decrementing frag grenade round display when 320 ammo types are switched.
    * Frag grenade load out fixes
    * Cleanup of client stat file on start up so bad stats won't hang players joining training.
    * Removes "player didn't play in round" debugging message from logs
    * Fixes the mission lost statistic indicating the status of the player at the end of the round
    * Adjustments to clan tag support to allow use of a prefix (+ is add it as a suffix, - add as prefix, and anything else uses the "of xxx" format from 3.0.4).
    * Prevent going prone while tossing a grenade
    * Report full server to user message and bad/wrong password to user in message box after being kicked from server
    * Adds in ability to left click on a server in MBS and have its information updated if it hasn't been updated recently (in last 10 minutes).
    * Adds new message box if the connection times-out so user knows what happens if they step away and the client fails to connect to the server.
    * Added pbsetup and a simple batch wrapper to call necessary commands to setup a system for using PB (Binaries\pbsetup_help.bat).

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    Re: Americas Army 3.0

    very good, thanks for the update Inferno.

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