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    Demo Guide for COD2

    DEMO GUIDE: General instructions...

    Note: Reposted from our Tutorial Section on Demo's for all games HERE

    If you are streaming, teach everyone on your server these two steps in recording a Demo: /record cheater and /stoprecord by putting a message on your server. Since PBBans accepts demo recordings, you can even have guests help you keep your server free of cheaters.

    You can NOT capture the Score Board or the Console, or PunkBuster's pb_plist using the in-game Demo record feature... please use a screen shot to capture these. Check out the XFire screen shot feature as these are automatically uploaded and available for every AntiCheat unit and HunterBean to see and download.

    Why Use DEMO's: Demo's are great for someone to record their own game or record someone else's game while in spec because the resulting file sizes are very small, the video can be viewed at full screen and it shows all the smoke, action, sounds, that the player experienced. They are also good in that additional video capture programs can then record any specific highlights of the action.

    The down side of demo's is that the person viewing the demo must have the game installed, they can't pause, stop or quit the demo when it is playing and they don't literally show cheats but they can be valuable in exposing someone who is cheating. Every gamer should know how to make a demo for their game. HackHunters will try and provide tutorials for each game in clear, step by step, easy to understand, and in plain english, instructions.

    If you have any comments, please post, we may use your information to add to an existing post giving you the credit. If you have basic steps for a game you play, add them here, we'll modify them as required to meet our requirements for 'step by step...' instructions. Thanks.

    NOTES: Demos give HackHunters the ability to view all the action of a spec'd player. Then we can make a separate video of only the relevant parts of the demo to be used as evidence against or for a suspect.

    In order to link to a demo, you will have to upload it to a server that can host it, so others can link to it. Here are a few places where you can get your demo hosted:, great for quickly emailing demo to

    Be sure to zip the file first.

    If you have a demo of a cheater, and you've filled out a REPORT A SUSPECT form, you can email us the demo and we will host it for you.

    If you submit a report to HackHunters, you can also make a post and add the demo, screen shots, etc. as an attachment, but watch the file sizes. We'll take you post and move it to a private review board so our AntiCheat Officers can look into the case. We'll keep you informed. Thanks.

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    Re: Demo Guide COD2

    NOTES: Demos give HackHunters the ability to view all the action of a spec'd player. Then we can make a separate video of only the relevant parts of the demo to be used as evidence against or for a suspect.


    • 1) Launch Game;
    • 2) Enter Server;
    • 3) Bring down console (press ~ on keyboard, the 'tilda' key is next to the #1 key, don't press shift when pressing the tilda key); Note that some servers might disable demo making ability... this is odd and we're not sure why any server would do this;
    • 4) You should see a bar at the top of your screen where you can type in;
    • 5) Type: /record me You don't have to call it 'me', note that there is a space between 'record' and 'me'
    • 6) Press ENTER or RETURN on keyboard (Note: Macintosh you can press either, not sure for PC);
    • 7) -not used-.
    • 8.) When you are finished recording, type /stoprecord
    • 9) The file is saved under your \Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\Main\demos directory as a .spd file.

    • 10) Launch your COD2 Multiplayer Game, do not 'Join' a game;
    • 11) Below the 'Join' game button, down a bit, click on MODS;
    • 12) Bring down console (press ~ on keyboard, the 'tilda' key is next to the #1 key, don't press shift when pressing the tilda key);
    • 13) Type /demo me into the console text area. You'll notice that once you start typing the 'M' in ME, that a list will appear listing all names in the demo list that start with 'M'. This makes it really easy to recall what you named future demos as you really only have to remember the first letter;
    • 14) After typing in the demo name, press ENTER OR RETURN on your keyboard.
    • 15) The Demo recording will start playing. You will have to watch the entire demo before you can quit, stop or esc. With this in mind, you may want to limit the length of time you record demos. Note, to play back a demo you must be in the game menus - demos can't be played back while you're in-game.

    OTHER OPTIONS: Source:
    Timedemo [0,1] - If set to 1, enables timedemo mode. Once a pre-recorded demo is played, the timedemo results are shown in the extended console, and the results are saved as a .csv file in your \Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\Main\demos directory.

    cl_avidemo [0,1] - If set to 1, begins recording frames for a demo movie. These frames are stored in .tga format in your \Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\Main\screenshots folder. Note that enabling this option can severely slow down your system, and it can be disabled at any time by setting cl_avidemo back to 0.
    • 1) Demo file sizes are very small making them very easy to e-mail to someone and share with others who have the game installed. Unlike other video capture programs, Demos allow one to see full screen, all the noises, smoke, etc. that is on the screen. If you have a demo of a suspect, first fill out our REPORT A SUSPECT form and e-mail us the demo to: info 'at'



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    Re: Demo Guide COD2

    Bind the Start & Stop to make recording fast and simple:

    Suggestion by AcE at HERE

    Takes to long to open the console and type the record command, so.. bind the commands to keys so you can start/stop recording on a key press. Start the game, (no need to connect to a server) at the main menu drop the console and type these commands.

    /bind x record (press enter)

    /bind x stoprecord (press enter)

    X = key of your choice not already bound to an in-game function.

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    Hey guys! I have a question regarding the TrekBuddy application. If anybody still uses it, you should know the details, I believe. I am based in And I have failed to update the map for my area. Can it be the case that they do not upgrade the application any longer? Or what can be the reason for this issue? As far as I remember, earlier it worked perfectly.

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