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    ArmA 2: Track IR 2

    Track IR 5 with the game ArmA II. Pretty awesome!

    More info here including a discount offer:

    TrackIR5 allows a gamer to move their head from left to right, up/down and lean while pointing their weapon in the direction they are moving. This means you can be running to cover, reloading and checking your flanks all at the same time. Very powerful tool that works with the game ArmA II due out soon.

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    Re: ArmA 2: Track IR 2

    While the tool above lets you do this without any special commands on the key board, by just moving your head, you should understand that you can do this in the game ArmA 2 using the mouse... and this is how:

    Using the WASD keys to move as we all do in MOHAA, COD and others, in ArmA2 while you are running, walking or crawling you can hold down the Alt key and move the mouse... the mouse movement translates into head movement. This is a really big plus when in a fps game because as you all know in Call of Duty, you have to turn your whole body just to look to your left or right, thus taking your gun away from what you consider a primary target. In Arma2 you can take a quick look left and right without moving your gun, or changing the direction you are running.

    On a slightly different topic, because of the huge maps ArmA2 are played on, you are able to easily run at 2x or 4x the normal speed with a press of the key. Makes getting to a location very easy. This increase is for single player only and changes the time, not your endurance, etc.

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