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    ARMA-Games - International Anti-Cheat Task Force

    We are very proud to present to you the brand new Anti-Cheat Organization that has set it's goals on world wide cooperation between gamers, anti-cheat communitys and game developers.

    InterTask - International Anti-Cheat Task Force

    The new website will provide a solid base for other anti-cheat & gaming community's to store & report cheat information & cheat websites on a central place and actually tackle the Cheats at the source, there providers.

    InterTask will keep close connections to ISP's, Server Providers, Developers and even Local Authorities to counter these websites and close them down.

    Next to that it will soon provider advanced tools (GUID Checks, Report Functions and a large community forum) to players world wide. At this moment the website is at beta stage ( and still being developed inhouse, so keep your fingers on the pulse and jump in when we are setup.

    You can make the difference!

    We are also asking fellow anti-cheat organizations & communitys to support our effors.
    We will soon open up a special e-mail address that will allow your org. to signup for our "supporters area" which allows you to access special administrating areas on our website.

    Below you will find the video of the InterTask logo with our new intro!

    Enjoy and see you soon!

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    Re: InterTask - International Anti-Cheat Task Force

    Sounds great.

    Let us know which Game Developers get on board when they do.

    Best of luck and let us know if we can help.

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