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[size=18pt]April 2009, LESSON 1


SP (Speed Performance)


For this first lesson, we will go with something very basic like "Defragging the HD". This is a useful operation and very simple to realize but however many people forget or neglect to do it.

Fragmentation occurs when the OS (Operating System) is not allocating enough contiguous space to store a complete file as a unit. This means parts of the file are put in gaps between other files. With time, any simple actions like deleting files, moving files, copying files, ... are increasing the number of empty free clusters and contribute to fragmentation and consequent performance loss.

That is why defragging the hard drive regularly is important and it really helps your PC to work faster. It is simply a reorganisation of the data location to facilitate the access to the files on your HD by your CPU. There is already a tool included with Windows but it will not do better than "a fair job" because the Disk Defragmenter has some limitations. The good news is some developpers created more powerful and effective defragging tool able to do a better work.

In our [size=10pt]COMPUTER TECH HELP
forum we suggest many defragging tools. Auslogics Disk Defrag is one of the most interesting because it is free, it is very easy to use and the results are really good. We are sure you will like it.

The defragging frequency depends greatly of what you are doing with your PC and the importance for you to have your PC runs as fast as possible. Once a month is a good average under normal conditions. It is also a good thing a few hours before an important match or if you are in a tourney.

Important: You should do many defrag, until the process takes less than 5 – 8 seconds.

If you have more than one physical HD (or if your HD is format to have two virtual HD), it is important to defrag both.


SC (Security Center)

You should always scan every files you download on the NET. It is surprising at which point we are living in a society where people always wait incident to change their habs.

Also, always keep in mind the different antivirus developpers are not synchronized when updating their products. That means whatever your antivirus and even if it is updated regularly, you can never be 100% sure it will find the brand new virus from the last days.

That is why it can be a good thing to scan all your downloads with a second antivirus and why not with a third one. Especially when you download from small unknown sites you are far to be sure about. Anyway, there is no good reason to not take the time to do it everytime. You have simply to right click on the file and select in the list which antivirus you want to use for scanning the file.

If you do not have actually a second antivirus to scan your files and you are searching for something serious and free, AVG is a good choice.

AVG is a perfect program for home users, but it would also be very effective for business solutions, schools, ...
Professionals will be pleased with AVG, it offers a lot of protection.
However a Firewall is of course not included in the free edition, you will still be pleased.

Some features:[*] Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware[*] LinkScanner Active Surf-Shield

Download link: http://free.avg.com/download?prd=afe

For your main antivirus, if you prefer to go with a free one, 3 of the most popular are :Avast, AVG and Antivir. Of course the links for these 3 antiviruses are available in our [size=10pt]COMPUTER TECH HELP

Avast offers complete protection against all sorts of viruses.
It also includes a resident shield and is able to block
spyware and rootkits.
It is quite user-friendly and an ideal tool for typical home users.

Another advantage about Avast is the easyness to set a scan before the opening of Windows.

If you are interested to learn more about security and your PC is running with Windows, we recommand you to take the time to pass by the Microsoft Website and read information in the "Security at home" section.


Tip of the month

Especially if that happens to you while you are surfing on the NET, NEVER NEVER NEVER trust a pop up windows opening suddenly and telling you your PC is infected with many viruses or any other kind of malware.

Normally it is only a fake message to fool you. Inside this window, they show you a "fake" scan and what a surprise, you will get informed your PC is full of viruses.

This is just to be sure you will be in a "Panic mode" and you will say yes to install something offered by this company.

Most of the cases, your PC have no problem when this happen so do not worry. Be sure the program or the file they are offering you is not a real tool but simply a tool doing nothing or a malware to spy your PC or a real virus to eventually crash your PC.

The other frustrating part is in certain cases people are also asked to pay for the cleaning process to "save" their PC. That means the people paid for a fake service or to installed a malware on their PC.


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