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    SPSC 3 - Speed & Cleaners


    HACKHUNTERS [color=#585858]SPSC
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    [size=18pt]June 2009, LESSON 3


    SP (Speed Performance)

    There are many kind of files that can be considered junk files or non essential files. You have no advantage to keep unused files in your system and generally it is the same about the traces of your online activities.

    The advantage of doing regular cleaning is, it helps Windows run faster and frees up valuable hard disk space. Of course it could be possible to clean manually a big part of the junk files but it is a long process compared to what dedicated tools can do very fast.

    Like often is the case, it is possible to do a very good job with free tools. Of course, we at HH, recommand you to go with a combination of different tools. It is a very interesting option because that way you have less chance to have files left behind.

    IObit Advanced care
    Free Internet Eraser

    What a coincidence, we have the links for these three tools in our [size=10pt]COMPUTER TECH HELP forum. [/size]

    For IObit Advanced care, Click Here >>> PC OPTIMIZATION 1: All in one tools

    For Free Internet Eraser, Click Here >>> INTERNET: Speedtest, Traceroute, miscellaneous tools

    The two first tools are very easy to use because once installed on your PC, it is simple as right clicking on the trash can.

    The option

    1. Empty the trash can (will launch IObit Advanced Care cleaning process)
    2. Launch CCleaner (will launch...CCleaner cleaning process)

    Once done

    3. The next step is simply to open Free Internet Eraser and launch a Quick clean process.

    Generally the entire procedure using the 3 tools takes no more than 90 seconds. Of course after that it is a good idea and a perfect timing to defrag your HD.


    SC (Security Center)

    This time we will go with something very simple to do but also very important concerning protection. What are the processes running on your PC? With all the possible malwares, maybe you have no idea but something harmful, spying you or using your PC runs on your PC in your back. But it is not all, many ppl with bad intentions are also spying other ppl with parental or spying tools installed on a PC.

    That means the things you typed on the keyboard could be found later by the PC owner. So imagine if you made bank transactions or you logged in on sites where you are member. Imagine if a person can get easily any kind of information you typed without your authorization what can happen.

    So always be on your guard before using a PC of someone you are not 100% sure about to go on personal sites or type security or personal information. It can even be at work if your boss is spying you. How can you be sure an ex boyfriend / girlfriend had not installed something secretely in your back.

    Keep in mind with particular tools installed in your back, someone could be able to spy you from his house when you are on the NET and collect personal infos or can control your PC. Type "zombie computer" and you'll find a lot of information on the NET.

    They are giving a short but very good definition at wikipedia :

    Under normal conditions, the use of an antiviruses, a firewall and an antispyware (up-to-date) will be a good protection against most of the problems but not necessarily concerning spying softwares like parental watching tools.

    Okay with that said. The best thing to do if you never did it before is to check the list of the processes running. The list you have when typing CTRL+ALT+DELETE and then clicking on the Task Manager may be uncomplete not showing you some hidden processes. That is why we recommand you highly to read the list with a dedicated tool able to show you all the processes running.

    Some tool allow you to print the list. If not you can go with a PrintScreen, paste the image and print the image. The next step may takes 30 to 90 minutes but it is a must. It is simply to go on site having the list of majority of the known processes and type inside the box the names of all the processes. Ideally, we recommand you to make a list (copy / paste) of all the definition for any eventual use.

    Maybe you'll be very surprised by some of the processes running. If you find a harmful process, the best is to search for more explanation on the NET and how to delete it safely.

    The site we recommand you is: [size=18pt]

    It is one of the tool you can find also find in our: PC OPTIMIZATION 2: Cleaning, Removing & Recovering Tools



    Tips of the month

    The best way to prevent problem and have a healthy PC is to be a safe user. Many tools are available and it is hard to make a choice. But do you really need tools. If yes, which ones are really necessary. It is important to understand that majority of the tools offered on the NET or in stores are generally very far to be necessary.

    In a certain way it is like real life. Your priorities should be to take care of your health as much of possible and not to find tons of doctors because the way you live is risky.

    The following list will be a good start to help you to know what you must and should have.

    What you must have:
    [color=#9A6F23][*]An Antivirus [*]A Firewall [*]A Spyware protector (or a combination of tools)
    [size=10pt]What you should have:

    [color=#9A6F23][*]A powerful HD defragger [*]A good cleaner (ideally a combination of tools) [*]A good uninstalling tool[*]A good hijacker tool [*]A startup manager to prevent non useful programs to open automatically
    [size=10pt]What you could have:

    [color=#9A6F23][*]A tool giving you infos about all the hardware installed on your PC[*]A good all in one tools[*]A tool to help you to tweak some of your setup[*]A registry cleaner / defragger (mostly recommand for advanced users only) [*]A troubleshooting tool


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    Re: SPSC, LESSON 3 - June 2009

    Process Library software works great.

    Now I know in the future if something, or someone is doing something on my computer they shouldn't be.

    Thanks, again having this is an extra layer of security and will help me feel at ease knowing exactly what processes are running in the background.

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