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    BattleField 2: How to Guide

    How to get you pb guid on BF2

    Enter a BF2 Server that is using Punk Buster.

    Hit the (`~) key to bring up the console.

    Type in pb_plist

    This will be 32 digits.

    How to take a screenshot in BF2

    Making screenshots in BF2 is very simple. All you have to do is press print screen (or prt scr) ingame. Your screenshots will be placed in:

    My Documents\Battlefield 2\Screenshots

    (Full directory: C:\Documents and Settings\YourUsername\My Documents\Battlefield 2\Screenshots)

    There will be two files for each screenshot: A low(er) quality Jpeg, and a high quality PNG file

    How to take a demo on BF2

    Trying to find out...

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    Re: Battle Field 2 How to....

    Thanks Killerbob, do you have any other tips and commands you can share?

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