Anti Cheat Admins United

NOTE: website appears to be down.

Welcome to the home of Anti Cheat Admins United (ACAU for short). ACAU is a new place for admins to meet and discuss a range of topics.

ACAU is a collection of Admins dedicated to keeping our games clean, we produce public banlists for COD4 & RvS (RainBow Six: 3, Raven Shield) and release to the community.

To make this the best it can it requires your help, please submit all your findings to our forum for review and addition to the upcomming banlist.

If you are interested in having your clan become members of ACAU please take a few minutes, visit our forum and fill out an application and view our application process. By doing so you will have access to more forums.

ACAU is here to work with ALL Anticheat organizations.

Thank you for your interest in ACAU.

ACAU Banlists Now Public

ACAU Have Now Made Their COD4 & RvS Banlist Public. If You Would Like To Run Either Of Our Banlist Then Simply Register With Our Site, Once Your Account Has Been Activated By ACAU Staff You Will Be Able To Download Either Banlist From Our Forums.

These Banlists Are Not Designed As A Standalone But To Run Alongside Any Other Banlists That Are Available. The More Cheats That Are Kept Off Our Servers The Better :0)