From FourZeroTwo's Blog Regarding the COD4 Collector's Edition:

I’ve been studying the Collector Editions and Premium Items of some of the top games that have come out recently and are coming out in the near future; attempting to get inspiration, ideas, and a grasp onto what makes a bad *** collectors edition. What, as a fan of a game, gets me hyped.

For the most part, I buy the collectors edition for every game that offers them; for research purposes (or so I tell my wife). So I’ve seen my fair share of developers who “get it” and those who just let their marketing / brand team throw together a cluster **** of pack-ins that seem “cool” with no regards to quality.

FourZeroTwo is Infinity Ward's Community Manager.

I’m not going to lie, I was extremely disappointed in our “collectors edition” for Call of Duty 4. It completely lacked that punch of awesome to make it great. Let it be known that it wasn’t for a lack of trying. I had all kinds of awesome in the works that somehow got lost somewhere between leaving IW going through Biz Dev and eventually dying somewhere between there and Activision. A mistake we won’t make twice.

To me, there should be no modesty in your Collectors Edition. it’s all about the hardcore fan who is willing to spend a few extra bucks for something big and awesome. To me, if I’m paying extra for it, size matters. It’s all about going to the store and walking out with that huge *** box, while everyone else is standing there with their tiny little DVD-case feeling inadequate in their gaming; I’m walking out with a massive premium items. Something tawdry, gaudy, and completely big and useless but makes me feel like an elite fan of the game. It’s the video game equivelant of a pissing contest…. and it should be.
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Collector's Edition: Purchase at GameSpot or other locations like amazon, etc.