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    Americas Army - Strategies for Success

    Ok I will start an official series of Tips for AA (Americas Army) so that players may benefit from them and improove their overall game!

    1) Always see to it that you have a computer that fullfills the requirements of the game! Check out for everything you might need!

    2) Try to have a Laser mouse. (Because its really bad when in the middle of a Close Quater Combat (CQC) you're mouse gets stuck!)

    3) Either have a really good headset or have a really good sound system. It really depends if you use Teamspek (TS) or Venttrillo (Vent) to communicate with other people on the server. IF you do talk to them, have a good headset and microphone handy, if not, have a good sound system. (Large boxes and such)

    4) Be concentrated when you play! It's no use to play when you're drunk/tired/etc. Have a noob account (A second account) To play when you're in no actual state to play. Hope this makes sense. After all, you want you're statistics to be good.

    5) Register your account at so that you can see HOW good you are.

    All InGame related tips will follow in Part 2!

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    Re: Americas Army - Strategies for Success

    AA Offline Mode

    Thought this might be of interest to AA players... looks like it might be fun to try, gb.

    Even though America's Army is primarily an online game, you can practice offline to gain familiarity with the maps, weapons, and general dynamics of the game, not to mention allowing you the opportunity to thoroughly tweak control, graphics and audio settings at your own pace. It is strongly recommended that you spend some time practicing offline on all of the more complex maps.

    To begin offline mode:

    1. Start America's Army and open the Console (press the TAB or ~ key).

    2. Type "Start mapname" (without quotes) to open a map, where mapname is the name of a particular map (e.g. Start Pipeline or Start Sfcsar). All the mapnames can be found in your \America's Army\Maps\ directory.

    3. To be able to move around and fire weapons, you will have to choose a character class. Type "Class code" (without quotes), where code is one of the following (e.g. Class M4M):

    R - Rifleman (M16A2)
    RCT - Recruit (no weapons)
    SF - Special Forces
    SL - Squad Leader
    FT - Fireteam Leader
    G - Grenadier (M203)
    S - Sniper (M82)
    D - Door Breacher
    J - Javelin Missile (FGM-14
    S24 - Sniper (M24)
    AR - Automatic Rifleman (M249)
    M - Rifleman (M4A1)
    M4M - Rifleman (Modified M4A1)
    M9 - Pistol (M9 Baretta)
    BDM - Bunker Defeat Munitions (M141)
    AT4 - AT4 Rocket Launcher (M136)
    SPR - Special Purpose Rifle (MK12 SPR)
    AK - Opfor (AK-47)
    AK74SU - Opfor Special Forces (AKS-74U)
    GP - Opfor Grenadier (AK-47 / GP-30 launcher)
    RPK - Opfor Automatic Rifleman (RPK)
    SVD - Opfor Sniper (Dragunov)
    MOS - Opfor Sniper (Mosin-Nagant)
    RPG - Indigenous Forces Rocket Launcher (RPG-7)
    V - Opfor/Indigenous Forces (VSS Vintorez)

    To create some basic soldier 'bots' for target practice, type the following command in the console:


    That creates an inanimate opfor soldier who stands with his arms outstretched like a scarecrow. You can shoot him and he won't move or fight back. You can set some of these dummies up at different spots on a map and use them for target practice. In previous versions of America's Army, if you wanted a bit more of a challenge, you could open the console and type "Walk" (without quotes) to animate these dummies with some basic AI, but this no longer appears to work. In previous versions you could also summon other NPCs (Non-player characters) and objects using commands such as summon agp_characters.NPC_AirborneSoldier or summon agp_inventory.PickupT_M67_Frag. However these do not work as of Version 2.6 onwards.

    Playing Offline Against Bots

    As of Version 2.7, with the introduction of genuine Artificial Intelligence (AI, or 'Bots') there are now two maps which can be used to give you a much better offline practice. The two maps are SF Snake Plain and Interdiction, and you can start them in the normal way. That is, open the console and type Start SFSnakePlain or Start Interdiction and the relevant map will be loaded. As per the instructions further above, select a class for your character, and you can now run around shooting and interacting with the bots - without any teammates of course - which is a useful way of familiarizing yourself with various weapons and tactics in America's Army.

    In Sf Snake Plain in particular you can practice driving a HMMWV, using the CROWS gun, and also firing the Javelin missile system (if you spawn using Class J) against actual targets. This is very useful for those who are unfamiliar or not confident with this equipment, even after completing training.

    General Offline Commands

    Some useful/fun commands which can be used only in offline mode are provided below:

    Fly - Lets your character fly around the map. Use the Walk command to disable
    Ghost - Allows you to move through solid objects
    Entropy - Toggle invincibility mode on/off
    Invisible - Toggles player invisibility
    AllAmmo - Give player ammo for all weapons
    Wpnrecoil - Toggles weapon recoil on/off
    Judas - Toggles perfect weapon accuracy
    Switchlevel [mapname] - Goes to the specified map
    Viewbots - Views from the next summoned character
    Freecamera [0, 1] - Changes the view to a free floating camera (1) or back to the player (0)
    SetCameraDist [range]- Set camera distance from the character
    Lockcamera - Locks the camera view in one spot and lets the player roam around
    Slomo [number] - Lets you change the rate at which time passes
    Setspeed [number] - Changes the player's speed
    Setjumpz [number] - Sets the player's jump height (325 is default)

    For more information on the commands that can be used in offline mode see Appendix D of the Official America's Army Manual, and for more commands used in the console (in both online and offline modes) see the Console Commands section on page 10 of this guide, as well as this extremely comprehensive list of Console Commands, Switches and Keybinds.

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    Re: Americas Army - Strategies for Success

    Ok here's some general Sniper tips, as I find that a lot of players try the sniper but they can't hit the broad side of a barn

    1) In your AA settings, UNTICK the box that says Auto-rezoom or similar. Auto-zoom makes you much less steady!

    2) Put your mouse-sensitivity UP! In AA, a sniper has to be REALLY fast, mouse sensitivity 7 to 8 is good enough.

    3) Some Bugs and how to fix them (sniper related)
    - Mouse Speed Drop (after taking a shot, re-zoom)
    - Stuck in Walk-Mode (after taking a shot, re-zoom)
    - Weapon Disapears (must be put away and taken out)
    - Can't Run (Drop weapon)

    4) Here's a list of the sniper-rifles with their pro's and cons.
    • -M24
    • Strenghts: This rifle is ultra-light and is easy to fire, even when standing or when you are wounded. It has a good enough zoom for most maps, except for rarities like Snakeplain, but then there's no M24 on there There's no real sound that it makes except for a little "plop" so its hard to detect, little muzzle-fire too.
    • Weaknesses: It's a bolt-actioned rifle, so reload takes compareably long, time between shots is reduced and it un-zooms after each shot. Its also very dangerous to use in CQC.
    • -M82
    • Strenghts: The M82 has a 10 round magazine and has a very powerful zoom. It is much stronger than the M24 and feirly good in CQC, because of its higher rate of fire.
    • Weaknesses: This rifle is very heavy, so you are much slower to run. It is also much more difficult to shoot with, a hit when standing is a rarity. It is very loud and you can see muzzle fire a long way off. It also recoils VERY SHARPLY, so a second shot just after the first is almost impossible.
    • -SPR
    • Strenghts: The SPR has a suppressor and a large 20 round magazine. It doesn't recoil a lot and its zoom is mid-ranged. In CQC, it is easy to use because of its high rate of fire and you can even zoom in CQC. HS are easy to line up, because of minimal sway. You can put a silencer on the rifle to hide muzzle fire and sound.
    • Weaknesses: The SPR is VERY weak, meaning that the only shot to kill an enemy directly is a HS. (Compared to a torso or stomach shot with the M24 and M82 respectively.)
    • -Mos
    • Strenghts: The Mos is as light as the M24, so it's easy to handle. Its scope is good for medium-ranged battles, such as Dusk. There's no real sound that it makes except for a little "plop" so its hard to detect, little muzzle-fire too.
    • Weaknesses: The Mos has a strange scope that needs you to get used to it. It is also bolt-actioned so reload takes compareably long, time between shots is reduced and it un-zooms after each shot. It oinly has a 5-shot-magazine. In CQC it is better than the M24, yet still not reliable.
    • -SVD
    • Strengths: The SVD has a considerable magazine of 10 rounds, with a fairly high rate of fire. It has a medium to long scope and is fairly easy to handle, even when wounded you can still score a hit. It doesn't recoil a lot so in CQC it is one of the best rifles to use.
    • Weaknesses: The SVD has a strange scope that might take time to getting used to and it is not as strong as the M82.
    • -VSS
    • Strenghts: The VSS is very light, easy to handle. It is auto-supressed, so the sound and muzzle fire it has are minimal. It also has a 10-round magazine that can be shot in full auto. In CQC it is one of the best to use. Its scope is also fairly strong.
    • Weaknesses: The VSS is not nearly as strong as other sniper rifles and the scope may take you some time to getting used to.
    • -M9
    • This is the only Pistol in the game and as a sniper you will have one with you for self defence. This might be the best one for CQC, as it has a dot to aim. It should never be pulled in order to go and search for trouble but rather as a means of self-defence. Hide, wait for that one guy to come, shoot him in the back and done.

    Practical tips:
    1) If you are covering down a long hallway, don't hide to reload as you will not see whats going on.
    2) Reload only when you are coverd or when you really need to. Don't reload for one bullet as it might set you off. (Except when you are not covering something atm, then its good to fill the sniper up.
    3) Shoot from unexpected positions as well as from expected ones as the enemy will concentrate on the unexpected ones and sometimes leave the obvious places unnoticed.
    4) Remind yourself: To the enemy you are dressed black! Use that advantage!
    5) When you are sniping "on the go", so when moving (Standing up and crouching), try moving forward as it will slightly increase your accuracy.
    6) See which tactic suits you best: Offensive sniping or Defensive sniping. Both are different and both need a lot of practice.

    Practice. (From Part 2)
    Sniper training: Try the sniper test first prone with Bipod, then without, then crouching, then standing up, then moving. It works wonders on your accuracy!
    Also try putting on some music and shooting with the beat. It makes you force your shot, as it has to be ingame.

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    Re: Americas Army - Strategies for Success

    Really excellent list of tips there Inferno, certainly going to help anyone playing AA.

    Like how you also cover setup tips as well as in game. Nice.

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    Re: Americas Army - Strategies for Success

    yeah, but I'll have to redo the whole list for AA3

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