First of all, we will give you a quick overview about what you'll find here.

  • Each month (starting april first 2009), a new short lesson will be available. We will try to start by not too complicated lessons and slowly we will increase the difficulty level.
  • SPSC means Speed Performance and Security Center. That is why every lesson will have two parts to cover both subjects.
  • In the Speed Performance section, we will try to resume what are the most important things to know to have your PC runs as fast as possible and we will recommend you some interesting free tools to do the job (with download links available in our forum).
  • In the Security Center section, we will cover different aspect concerning general security. We will talk about all the potential dangers and what you can do to protect your PC with a good efficiency.


We understand it can be scaring for people with less technical experience but do not worry. We are here to provide you useful information and help everyone ready to take the time and make the effort to understand. Best of all, you will learn easily how to do most of the work.

It is a real serious kind of free tutorial because we are not here to convince you to buy something. So enjoy your reading and do not forget to pass every month to read the next lesson.


HACKHUNTERS [color=#585858][size=16pt]TechnicalTeam

Of course everyone is welcome to join in on this effort, or post comments or questions as they see fit. Enjoy.