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    [RUF} Respect Unity Fun (Game: COD4, WaW)

    Clan Homepage:

    Clan Description: We are a clan of about 29 people, We've been around for a little under a year. We are actively recruiting players over the age of 16. We run TS and can be found at

    Clanname: Respect, Unity and Fun
    Clantag: [RUF]
    Games played: cod4 and 5
    Clan Tracker: currently just here until I decided to stop being lazy and figure out how to setup cron jobs with ultrastats
    Current Members: Link to our clan list
    Clan Leader: Me, Ice Man realname: Dan
    Clan Forum:
    Clan Homepage:
    Recruiting: Open, 16+
    Policies: We ask that you just keep your language clean on our server. We were all in a past clan before and we found that trying to enforce, no hopping, spawn killing, camping, perks, ect.. was hard so we allow pretty much everything other then disrespect to other players and clan members. We have removed members because of this policy. Obviously we do not allow hacking and we do accept demos from players if you take one on our server. We stream to PBBans (obviously), AON and GGC.

    Game Servers:


    Teamspeak/Ventrillo Server: Password: wonka

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    Re: Respect, Unity and Fun

    Hi Ice Man....

    I must say I'm really loving your servers.... on top of the core fun of playing on your servers, it's fun to watch hackers try to connect and get banned immediately.

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    Re: Respect, Unity and Fun

    Well we use almost every list available to us , I try and monitor the chat as much as I possibly can. We lost a few positions this week in regards to server ranking (COD4) but i'm hopeful that it will rise back up again.

    I'm glad you enjoy our server GreenBean!

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    Re: [RUF} Respect Unity Fun (Game: COD4, WaW)

    Thread updated.

    Courtesy of

    The HackHunters Team

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