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    Inferno's past 8 months

    Heya Guys

    I promised GB a little something to tell him why I havn't helped in the last roughly 8 months.

    July 6th, I flew to from Belgium Austria, just one day after I had finished school. Positively. Belgium has been my home for the last 10 years, but since I'm Austrian, I went back to there to study and also... go to the army. Which everyone in Austria has to do.

    I didn't have any holydays in Summer, because I had to study for my driving licence, which I still havn't got because the army was too close behind, so I'll have to take the final test sometime after easter. And the rest of the time, when I wasn't studying, I tried to find out stuff about the army or my new University, but also train to pass the military exam for officers. Which I did pass.

    I then became a soldier on September 1st, stopped the Officers course because of a bad back after 1.5 months. (The doctor said I had some kind of a spine-twist and carrying heavy loads would make it worse) So I continued the normal service without any incidents until February 12th, 11:30, at which time a 25kg stone fell on my right big toe, breaking it and pulling off the nail, as well as making a big cut in the toe. I had to get 5 stiches on it, stay 10 days in hospital (stupid armyhospital) but I should be getting 476 Euros any day now from the insurance.

    Two days later, my service was over, I went home for a few days and inscribed in the University of Vienna, History and Geography to become a teacher. I am now in my third week, the organisation of the Uni is crazy, I had to change courses 8 times exactly, because they couldn't figure out that I hadn't yet done something which I have to do in the first Semester and ... ARGH!

    The Internet is quite crap, 850kbps upload, ~200 DL. Appart from that, there are some VERY nice girls around and I should be doing my "Homework" now, but to be honest, I really don't want to. So I'll have to quit now, turn of the net to keep me from temptations and get that one page written.

    Hope that ya'll doing great, till sometime soon and hope that I can help ya's out

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    Re: Inferno's past 8 months

    Hey Inferno,

    Glad you made it through. Sounded a bit rough but you did it, congrats. Hope your injury has healed completely and you can truly put it behind you, and get on with more important things like getting your drivers license, homework and the like.

    It's good to have you back but don't feel obliged to do any heavy work. Like you said, catch up with the posts and whenever you have time stop by and say hello.

    Thanks for the update and best regards, bean.

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    Re: Inferno's past 8 months

    Good luck and take care man .

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