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    Markiboymod for Swat 4

    The great stuff about this mod is the fact that most bugs are blocked, and if there is teamtazer or teamstinger/flasher these players will be puniched by removeing their stingers/flashes and or tazer, hence cleaning up the server and giving the admin(s) a more enjoyable game.

    Everyday Markieboy is working on new stuff for the mods and as these are added we as SWAT 4 players have a chance of having our ideas,

    Admin alerts:

    - When a player tries to bug.
    - When a player teamtases.
    - When a player teamstings.
    - When a player teamflashes.

    Web Admin tweaks:

    - Build in timers. (round ending, vip, respawn, etc)
    - Teams are now grouped.
    - Rearranged the admin buttons (more logical).
    - No full page refresh after submitting a command.
    - Viewing the player's state. (dead)

    Lots of other usefull features:

    - Anti bugging.
    - Spawnprotection.
    - Kill Campers.

    as you can see it not a full cheat mod but it helps on the way a little or

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    Re: Markiboymod for Swat 4

    Markie rocks :P its nice that there are still people trying to make the old games better rather than forgetting about us all

    We will be getting this on our server as soon as I flirted with Suspect Killer more and ask him real nice to do it for me like he always does hehe :P

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    Re: Markiboymod for Swat 4

    as this mod goes on it seems to be getting more and more complicated, it now has a anticheat programme that detects cheaters, you may say thats great, however unfortunatly the creator is not testing the updates/patches correctly and is realeseing them to fast, it has been quite a while since i last played on a markmod server and this is due to the servers being lagged out so much by connecting to marks servers to transfer data, to be honest i think keen eyes will be the best way now untill he starts to fix his failings

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    Re: Markiboymod for Swat 4

    thanks for the info.

    do you think he needs financial support for better servers? would that help?

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