[list]SERVER WATCH GameServer Monitoring and AntiCheat Solution
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For Administrators: The project consists of multiple programs like:

  • ServerWatch (server), the Server that is running somewhere and connecting to your GameServer using rcon and logfile access.
  • ServerWatch Client, a client that connect to the ServerWatch Server to manipulate settings or users. Kick/Ban/Look at AntiCheat Details etc.
  • ServerWatch AntiCheatClient, a client running at the PLAYERS computer while he is playing a game to provide AntiCheat functions it also connect to the ServerWatch Server.
  • There are also other programs i did for special users that are not for public use yet - maybe you need something and i already did it - feel free to contact me about stuff like that.
  • AntiCheat Config signing Tool
  • AntiCheat ACWebViewer
  • AntiCheat Viewer
  • AntiCheat Global BanList PHP Framework
  • ServerWatch Server LinuxVersion (its public but seldom the very last version)
  • MD5 Generation Tool
  • ServerWatch Server without AntiCheat functions

  • Medal of Honor: AA, SH, BT.
  • Call Of Duty: UO, 2, 4.
  • Quake 3.


Support this effort so that it can continue to support us gamers.