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    |GoR| Gamers of Redemption (TF2)

    Clanname: Gamers of Redemption
    Clantag: |GoR|
    Games played: Team Fortress 2/ Left 4 Dead
    Clan Tracker: Gametracker
    Current Members: 146
    Game Servers: All our servers are TF2: We also have a private server but that doesent appear to be up at the moment.
    Teamspeak/Ventrillo Server: None
    Clan Leader: No single person is the leader, we have a group of people who make the decisions.
    Clan Forum: Forum
    Clan Homepage: Homepage,
    Recruiting: YES
    Policies: Just that you follow the rules
    About us: Were a TF2 community, who is looking for members.

    <br />Admin Request Networks!<br />!AR!Cosmicutensil, Ethan - Investigations &amp; Intelligence Staff.<br />

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    Re: |GoR|

    Hi Cosmicutensil,

    glad you posted.

    There are 3 banners I posted, seems gametracker is having a little problem showing them, hopefully they will show.

    anyway, regards, bean.

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    Re: |GoR|

    Thanks, glad to see there showing now.
    <br />Admin Request Networks!<br />!AR!Cosmicutensil, Ethan - Investigations &amp; Intelligence Staff.<br />

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