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    New MOHAA Anti-Hacking tool coming soon


    Like many other MOHAA fans, I'm playing that game almost since the beginning. The very good news after the Revival Edition was available, was because it helped to fix problems with Windows 10. Now, what about problems with hackers....

    Well, the owner of the server where I use to play now is not just a fan but also a developper. He joined x-null team recently because he was very interested by their work. Especially because they are working on a new Anti-Hack for this classic game. So that means that game should be alive for another 5 years.

    As soon as I'll get more information, I will post an update.


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    Whats his name i no 2 like Ryback or PacRac? both working on an anticheat

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    Hello Victory,

    This guy was alread registered on x-null since dec 2013 with name Todesengel but his new status is something recent.

    He told me he was so motivated by all the good work ppl are doing on x-null, than he wanted to contribute as much as possible to their big effort to keep this game alive.



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    Played that game for many years. Haven't played obviously in a long time. Think I just may start playing it again

    Hope I can find my key tho.... Uggg

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