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Thread: PBBans Closure

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    PBBans Closure

    It looks like another BIG anti-cheat site is going down. I checked and the site is still up and running right now but a number of others sites have been emailed the following from PBBans:

    PBBans has been online for almost 14 years and over that time we have undergone many changes and overcome many obstacles. From DDos attacks to hosting changes, we have managed to come out on top providing a welcomed anti-cheat community for Punkbuster enabled games.

    However, given our continued shortfall of donations, lack of new games with Punkbuster and games moving away from server rentals we feel our only viable option is to shut down in the next few months.

    We looked at moving to a cheaper host but in the end, it's not worth the time and hassle just to stay online for a few more months. Our server count is dropping by the day and server donations too. Moving is always a pain and we always end up losing streaming servers that never seem to get setup again.

    The last new game with Punkbuster was Battlefield Hardline released in March 2015 and the last listed Punkbuster update was June 2015. More games are moving towards in house anti-cheat or using newer 3rd party solutions such as FairFight and BattlEye. Many argue the effectiveness of each but in the end, it's what the new games are using.

    So what happens after we close? We plan to host a basic site with the last
    banlists for download, PB files of legacy games and a farewell message of our closure. Emails will still work but the rest of the website and steaming will no longer exist at that point.

    It's sad for us as we have all made PBBans into a good community to fight cheaters and it was a very hard decision to close but asking for donations time and time again has lost its appeal.
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    I'm assuming that didn't come from MaydaX. He pen's much better then that. I'll have to ask him directly as I have know him since their inception.

    He was part of our AC Group ( BFROE ) and ROC for a short time.

    Damn shame though indeed if it is true. PBBans did and has done some damn fine work for the PC Gaming community.

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