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    Punkbuster Server Admin Tool

    [color=#00FFF5]Punkbuster Server Admin Tool

    Punkbuster Server Admin Tool can be used for any game using PunkBuster screenshots.
    Nevertheless, this program is specially designed for America's Army and it will be optimised for it.

    How Does it work?

    Following subjects:
    [*]Public release[*]Private Release[*]Browser[*]PBSS Submission[*]PBSAT Management Tool[*]Logs Change[*]The Last Chapter

    1. Public Release

    When using the publicrelease handy for clans with only 1 server is it easy to work with, makes it u able to work with a basic setup.

    First of all:
    [*]Make sure u stream to -ACI-.

    [spoiler][img width=800 height=618][/img][/spoiler]

    When having a server u probebly also have a [pbsvss.htm] screenshot page.
    This page is the most important for running the program.

    For instance by filling in a pbsvss.htm page:

    Quote Originally Posted by Settings Public Release
    Save it!
    [*]Update the MBL [*]Go to: punkbuster screenshots and hit; 'Connect'

    There you go, there is ure list with players and with their screenshots.

    [SPOILER][img width=800 height=572][/img][/SPOILER]

    2. Private Release

    Why a private release?
    [*]Troll multiple servers.[*]With the release u can work in ure own private account.[*]it makes u able to add more servers.[*]It makes u able to add different pbsvss.htm lines.[*]It gives u ure own management tool.[*]U always have ure servers listed.

    First of all:[*]Make sure u stream to -ACI-.

    pbsvss.htm lines
    Ussually, u are able to put the line in
    now u are also able to put evry line in their. But it always had to be the known white PBSS page!!


    Quote Originally Posted by Add new server
    HTTP Server
    full path to pbsvss.htm
    That is actually more than enough to start adding servers to ure list.

    u also can do that by filling in ure FTP Server.

    [spoiler][img width=800 height=573][/img][/spoiler]

    [SPOILER][img width=800 height=575][/img][/SPOILER]

    3. Browser

    In the private version and the public version are the browsers the same.
    When u open a player, u will be able to browse the player.
    U can click on History, MBS, Tracker and u will get the right page u want.

    [SPOILER][img width=800 height=571][/img][/SPOILER]

    [SPOILER][img width=800 height=573][/img][/SPOILER]

    [SPOILER][img width=800 height=572][/img][/SPOILER]

    4. PBSS Submission

    By clicking on ACI when spotted a suspicious it make u able to do it exactly by the Screenshot Verification Tool.

    PBSS URL is there already.

    Fill in ure:
    [*]-ACI- Forum Username[*]Forum Password[*] [V] Screenshot lewd 18+ ore not?

    [SPOILER][img width=800 height=419][/img][/SPOILER]

    And as a result of this submission:

    The PBSS submission is thanked to Desolator and ReBorn

    5. PBSAT Management Tool

    If u have PBSAT Private Login. u will be able to work with a"]Private Panel[/URL].

    Makes u able to Edit and Delete servers:

    Add servers with HTTP:

    Add servers with FTP:

    6. Change Logs

    Sunday 9 October 2011 2:54
    [*]Security fixes on the client side and server side to secure post data and encryption.[*]Releasing WebAdmin Panel beta

    Monday 15 Februari 2011 19:42
    [*]Bug fixed when adding a new custom http address[*]Bug fixed when using a custom http address

    Monday 15 Februari 2011 11:34
    [*]Better password encryption method for internal traffic between servers.

    Monday 14 Februari 2011 01:15
    [*]Create function to submit screenshot to ACI. Thanks to Desolator (ACI)[*]Create larger image field for screenshots.[*]Better password encryption methods for logging in and internal traffic between servers.

    7. The Last Chapter

    PBSAT Supports the following games:
    America's Army 2.X.X
    America's Army 3.X
    BattleField Bad Company 2
    BattleField 3

    Visit Our Forum:
    Support Forums

    PBSAT satisfies more than 100 Private Members so far! 17-10-2011

    This program is created by: -{DCF}-Bacchus aka -{DCF}-ReBorn
    Constantly BETA-Tested and published by: Kozy-HH-
    Credits for PBSS Submission: -ACI- Priv. DeV Desolator

    Download PBSAT HERE!!!


    This program is recommended by H a c k H u n t e r s Anti Cheat Directory's & Solutions™

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    Re: Punkbuster Server Admin Tool

    wow Kozy, this is great. Thanks for the add, certainly will be useful to many.

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    arrondissement opportunities and rates havens all closed

    spammer, ban...
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    i have better things to do with my time than deal with banning stupid spammers... here we go again. Hope these idiots are following this thread!

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