If you haven't tried Red Orchestra I think you're missing out.

While the original game, Red Orchestra, looks outdated, the newer games of Rising Storm and Vietnam are significantly better graphically.

The graphics are also done to a level of providing so many spots to hide, or attack from, without screwing up your graphics capability meaning the game runs smooth.

But that's not the point why so many players have devoted themselves to this game.

It's about the game play. Always a King's Push game type where you have to work as a team to push the enemy back, it is a hectic battle every round to try to gain the advantage.

And there is a commander and squad leaders, helping coordinate the action, and the controls to do these tasks are easy to learn.

So, unlike many other games this game is a team effort. Whether sniping, or tossing smoke, or calling in an artillery barrage, or risking one's own life to push an entrenched enemy out of a location, it truly is a tug of war that will provide many hours of enjoyment without the typical frustration that comes will many other titles.

Here's a trailer for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam/Boots on the Ground!