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    HackHunters is a Secured Website (SSL)

    We've made HackHunters a secured website, great, but now there are some images/links that need to be changed to https in order for them to show properly.

    Give us a little time to make the change, or click on 'view content' if your browser gives you a warning.

    Nothing has changed security wise. The problem exists in that many images use http instead of https. Http just isn't recognized. That doesn't mean it will hurt you in any way, it just means it isn't loading with our .com's new URL.

    We're doing this because it appears we have to, in order to show up properly in Google Searches.
    Since we do not take credit card information, or collect personal information like names, addresses, etc. there's really no reason anyone should feel insecure at HackHunters. Someone might try to steal your password, which we can't even see, but what the heck would they do with it, change your signature?

    It's a stupid thing the internet is now requiring. Even Steam Powered doesn't have its entire site secured, but will eventually. This new semi-requirement by the ICAA (?) was put in effect January 2017 as an optional item, yet it appears that Google is giving priority to websites that are secured.

    It is both a time burden on us admins, but also an expense item, on some websites costing over $150 per year. Whatever, that's where it stands and well try to accommodate it by fixing images that we find are broken.

    Thanks, that's all, carry on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenBean-HH- View Post
    but what the heck would they do with it, change your signature?
    Personally, I would be deeply offended by that.

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