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    I've found this site a while ago. Its worth attention.

    I believe it will be of an interest to some of you map makers and moders as you can either use those models or sell your own.
    You can find some really cool objects i.e. this Watch Tower and UH-60 Blackhawk or M4A1.

    Its basically a directory of free 3D models as the site owners describes their site- "TF3DM is the place to share your 3d models with the world. Build your own portofolio to show your skills and get HR crazy to hire you. TF3DM is also a great place to get freelance work: keep an eye on the inbox!"

    Have fun browsing.

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    Nice source.

    I've also discovered a site called

    It's a great design tool and 3d model library where you can view 3d models from your browser, so it's very good at displaying models and doing studies.

    You can also share models, but as impressive using a camera you can make models of real world objects, people and buildings.

    The latest incarceration of the site allows the animation of objects, like people.

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