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    Battlefield 1: How to Report a Cheater

    BF1 uses 'FairFight' Anti-Cheat, which appears to be nothing more than people reviewing players they have reports on. This is because Dice has the servers and there are no clan Admins or other Admins running private servers.

    While in game, you might see a message that looks like this, to note that someone was banned ***FAIRFIGHT BANNED "iNTel47ru"***

    If you want to report a cheater, follow these steps:

    Record cheating in spectator mode.
    Record Scoreboard.

    Method 1: Write down name exactly, then go to Origin. OR:
    Method 2: You can view someone's profile 'in-game' by going to the scoreboard (tab), click on the name in question and at the lower left click 'view profile'. This automatically brings up Origin.
    Method 3: At the 'END OF ROUND' when the top players appear, click on who the cheater is which will bring up Origin.
    Method 4: Press ESC. on keyboard then press 'SCOREBOARD' and follow method 2.
    Method 5 (variation of Method 2): Double click cheater's name on End of Round scoreboard and 'view profile' will appear directly under the players name, click on View Profile.

    Do search for player on Origin website.
    When viewing player's profile, click on drop-down arrow at top right, click on Report User.

    Under 'Why are you reporting (player's name)' select Cheating.
    Under 'Where did this happen?' select 'in-game'.
    Add additional comments including 'have video proof', or they type of hack like aim-botting, wall hack, damage modifier, etc. and click submit.

    This video starts at the point where he discusses how to report the cheaters. It does not tell us how to upload video proof.

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    It seems to me, without PunkBuster or another software verification anti-cheat, this system will result in a lot of false reports. If in BF1 one can't easily upload a video but can only make a claim of a cheater, and the cheater stops using the hack, how can FairFight determine if the claim is true or not?

    What about good players? They get called out for cheating and then what? They get banned?

    There's no doubt that video evidence can help, but since it's 2017 there should be a way to see all players and line of sight to stop all wall hacks, that is if the software 'sees' someone consistently following people through walls it should automatically ban them.

    Same for AimBots. It's clear that people using aimbots have aiming abilities that no human could preform. Since this is 2017 it's clear that this sudden and deadly accurate movement could be detected it should result in a permanent and instant ban.

    When making software to deal with wall and aimbot hacks they should make a backup system that double confirms what is going on so the software itself doesn't become compromised.

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    'FairFight' Anti-Cheat... yeah this is so new. Its not like a killcam we had in 2003. Oh wait! Its the same thing. How creative.
    The difference is that in 2003 you could report hackers directly to server admins and the problem solved on the same day.

    Quote Originally Posted by game View Post
    These are very good points. I would also like to know who is reviewing these 'report' videos. I mean I would like to see these guys playing several matches online in order to determine their actual competence. I have seen EA and DICE guys playing...saying they are noobs would be an understatement.
    The reality is that people who are responsible for game development and anti-cheat are really bad in game. So...what the heck do they know?!
    I read this funny story somewhere...apparently random departments within a company are given tasks like level design...explains why most of the multiplayer maps these days are so crap and disbalanced.
    I've reported hundreds of hackers in BF3, they are happily hacking to this day which brings me to my next point - 'cheat-o-meter'. Its useless, because it will only give away hackers who dont know how to hack properly.
    I dont need some noob-o-meter to tell me if someone is hacking. I know if person hacks straight away, because Im using the good old "thats just too good for them" method. If a person is playing too well its clear something is wrong. Unfortunately, very few people can determine what is "just too good" for someone so I don't expect you to agree with me. Briefly, you have to evaluate if player's performance does match his skills (awesome stuff he does), experience (time and games played) and tactics (playing style, clever moves he did to outsmart the others). For example, if someone appears to be a jet god but when you take a look at his profile you find that the guy is mainly playing metro (BF3).... its too obvious.
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    Good points Edis,

    I'm the same way, that we all get gunned down, but there are those times when it just seemed too easy for someone, again and again.

    Cheaters are easy to spot but not always easy to prove they're cheating. You have to account to radar awareness, that it becomes for some a game where the shooter is running to the next orange dot and not really looking at the environment.

    The upcoming major failure of this anticheat method is when they stop supporting/reviewing footage. At least with PB one would know they could avoid old hacks on old games.

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    Fairfight runs off game engine heuristics. It knows how the game is to be played ( logic ), acts in and out of situations. When it detects alterations in obvious typical heuristics ( gameplay ), it kicks in and begins to evaluate. If it see's a none logical pattern of game heuristics told to it by the game developers, it kicks / bans.

    At least that is what I was told by an embedded person within the machine as it were.

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    @Syntax2112, this sounds interesting. Let's see how it plays out... Oh wait! It failed. OK
    The idea is nice but it will take years to develop this system since the developers don't seem to understand what they're dealing with.
    It reminds me of the story with Nokia. The new CEO asked the board members if any of them had an iPhone. None did. That's how they lost it all.
    Now we have developers who suck at games developing the games and programmers who don't have the latest hacks developing the anti-hacks. How is that supposed to work?

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    I hear ya. Playing BF1 alot of late and I can tell you that it doesn't seem to be doing much of anything. People shooting others well over half way across the map with pistols, shotguns etc with one shot. Health hacks, snapping and popping head shots. So yeah they need to get their butts in gear and do something.

    Years ago they actually actively went out and got the hacks, reverse engineered them in defense. But it seems the all mighty dollar is more important then the community as a whole.

    I try not to play on Dice public servers as much as possible due to such bologna, language etc. Private servers on the other hand seem to be more policed and running Metaban ban list stream also seems to help alot. If you have been banned somewhere for whatever game, you'll get caught.

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    Yes. It's such a waste, isn't it?
    You know what is the saddest part about all this? It's the fact we now live in times where legit gamers have to hide in private servers, etc. and hackers are openly enjoying their perks.

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    New user here, wanted to say hello. Not sure if you guys are active or not.

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    Yes indeed some of us are still around...

    And welcome !!

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    Yes indeed some of us are still around

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