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    What's up with COD releasing so many games?!

    Part of the fun of gaming is that you get a sustained audience that enjoys a game, formation of clans and relationships. The attitude in gaming seemed to change after COD 4 Modern Warfare when the develeopers decided to release a game every year, with extra add-ons stuffed between those releases.

    It has basically flooded the market and thinned out the gaming pool of players, some holding on the older titles while others quickly jumping ship. What is one supposed to do when their favorite game doesn't have anyone coming to the servers? Well upgrade to the next title of course.

    This tends to make players look like a 'mouse on a wheel', going around and around and really not getting any fundamental benefit from the experience, and, just leads to more money and a lot more time devoted to gaming to get used to the next title. This doesn't mean that titles can't get old, or perhaps the discovery of a map is horrible thus killing some of the fun, and it's always fun to learn a new game and their environments, but seriously, over releasing games does have an impact on the gaming world.

    My opinion, you've been played and thus the basic of the rant.

    What I don't like with this new developer attitude is that COD 4 was a good jumping off point to improving the game play of their future titles. But it appears that instead of looking at COD 4 critically, understanding it's strengths to keep those aspects and fixing its weaknesses, they instead just adopted 'a particular game development attitude' to maximize its appeal to more and younger people, many with no experience with hardcore gaming.

    How'd they do that? Well they continue to produce titles that 'sound exciting' complete with hollywood trailers, and deliver 'swiss cheese' maps to encourage movement (and thus excitement), a strong radar to keep you moving, perks to allow you to pound the other team especially those camping and essentially forcing everyone to RUN and GUN!

    While appealing to a younger audience because of it's adrenaline fast paced rush, it kills any feeling of immersion onto a battle. Heck they even kept the bunny hop where somehow in physics a 'soldier' is able to leap around a corner and get the drop on someone who's prepared to shoot, which in real life the 'peek-a-boo' jumper would probably trip or their gun would go flying out of their hands. Anyhoo...

    It's a financial windfall for developers.

    Most COD titles cost close to their original prices....

    Each sub-pack add-on cost about $15 each,, and there's a host of 'personalization' packs costing around $3 each.

    You have just arrived at the stadium to watch your favorite team, but no food/drink and you're forced to stay and buy everything within the stadium.

    In later titles, the introduction of all the weapon and other modification packs one can buy to personalize their digital virtual stuff. And, "We got your season passes here? Anyone?"

    Hey and get real, this isn't about you so you can forget about carrying your personalization packs from one game to another. You bought it, now throw it away.

    Good bye, thanks for playing.

    My thought is this, if you milk the cow too much, you'll kill the cow.

    Next post is this thread are the games and release dates... check how the calendar is filling up. Eventually there'll be a new game every week. Well with other game titles like Battlefield this might eventually be true.
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    2003 Call of Duty; 2004-11: Call of Duty United Offensive


    2005 COD 2

    2006 COD 3?

    2007 COD 4 Modern Warfare

    2008 COD 5 World at War

    2009 COD (6) Modern Warfare 2

    2010 COD (7) Black Ops
    First Strike

    2011 COD ( Modern Warfare 3
    Collection 1
    Collection 2
    Chaos '3'
    Collection 4

    2012 COD (9) Black Ops II

    2013 COD (10) Ghosts

    2014 COD (11) Advanced Warfare

    Personalization add-ons: The personalization list for this game is off the chart.

    Instead of shelling out money to personalize, just paint your face and hands at home, it's a lot cheaper and you can wash it off when done. Ironic that most of these games this year get a big negative review.

    2015 COD (12) Black Ops III
    The Giant Zombies Map

    Is it me or after the apparent failure of 2014 they decided maybe their approach was wrong?

    2016 COD (13) Infinite Warfare
    Terminal 'bonus'
    Zombies in spaceland
    COD 4 Remastered.

    I also get the feeling that maybe they felt they left something behind in COD 4, and perhaps, maybe, they've gone back to look at it again.

    Notice how COD 4 was the last numbered game. This is a marketing thing, to make it so you don't question how many games you've purchased, but to instead give you that blissful feeling as you go along for the ride.

    I'm also surprised that Black Ops III only had one add-on, but perhaps I just missed some titles.

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    All trailers of each Call of Duty title up to Black Ops III, enjoy!

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