just realized I never wrote a recommendation for this game. I've mentioned it so often, even in a review of FC4. Yes it has achieved new levels of awesomeness imo. There are so many aspects that deserve recognition, a real world and open world that allows for linear gameplay without telling you where you must go, a great variety of characters, some creepy that keep the story line, which is really well written and preformed, interesting, and, finally a set of friends and comrades you go around a rescue, sometimes they participate in your quest.

There are certainly areas to improve, like I wish your friends were feeding you fresh ammo or upgrades they found, or, a better collection system that FC4 addresses that makes collecting a faster process allowing you to upgrade without the dredgery of cycling through a menu to figure out what you need to collect. I also wish the side missions had an impact on the game, that civilians really start to appreciate you more as more of their island is freed, and a larger port city to bring in more characters. Perhaps at the end, not having your GF abonden you and having the island build you a dream resort villa as a reward for freeing them of decades of oppression. But that reflects the point of the game as it really does keep itself in the plausible yet thrilling action of a world controled by psychopaths.

The characters are awesome, and the world which you explore is amazing too. "I wonder if I can get on top of that mountain..." and then you do, then "I wonder how far I can fly from this point..."

The surrounding and inaccessible islands are way out of scale and personally I wish they were just little uninhabitted islands surrounded by water to keep everything in the plausible world.

When I finished one island I was shocked to find that I would have to concur another island just as large with a whole new set of circumstances and foe to defeat. This game provides plenty to do and I easily spent 5 full days to complete everything. It is well worth the price, $29.99, even if you, like myself, don't play the multiplayer portion.

People are complaining about UPlay. I didn't have a problem here, but I sympathise with those who are having problems. Steam works, now other deveolpers want to make their own version of Steam, to grab more money and promote their other games, but unlike Steam they're not promoting games they haven't created, just their own. That is a fail attempt imo and is forcing people to use a service they don't want. Be good to your gamers and customers and they will like you, and never force them into something they don't want. As a develper, you do that promotion with well designed website, game sites and well designed robust forums.

Oh, did I say FC3 might be one of the best FPS games ever made? If not, there it is. It opens the door to greater posibilities. There is no need to ignore good acting, characters and story line (and it's twists) and if you do you represent that your game is incomplete, rushing you into the action because that is all you think gamers want, more action (and no substance).