Thumbs up if on sale.

This is an interesting but very short game, less than 2 hours and that's checking out everything. Interesting becasue of the story, fair graphics and potential. Pick it up if it's on sale as I say the developer has potential. The game is single player, and lonely. It was supposed to be a dream, but didn't feel dream like. At the end, when you reach your destination all you're given is a sigh, and black screen... was waiting to see an image of the old city, maybe with the sun rising or something.

In FC3 and 4 there were so many screen shot moments, so check out the 3 I took becasue those are the best this game has to offer... while this would normally be a down vote recommendation, I give it a thumbs up for the small developer who put together a solid and complete effort. The story, dialogue is where this game is really about, and for that it does make one think.