A new board for a game that has made a mark in the gaming world, Far Cry.

I first stepped into the Far Cry series with FC2. It wasn't terrible, but I wasn't motivated to finish the campaign portion and it seemed a bit redundant. Looking back I probably should have given it a better try, but the map was essentially a grid of roads connecting things and that in itself kind of put me off.

Then came FC3. It looked way more natural including roads, villages and people, had a great story line which compelled me to play, like saving my friends and saving the island inhabitants (good motivators). Getting into the guts of the game there were some really great cut scenes and fantastic characters and performances. Yeah I was hooked and played the single player 3 times... taking 5 days each time to complete the entire game. 5 days!

With FC4 and it's stunning visuals, and fun times on hang gliders, wing suits and the like the experience continued, although with less motivation. Heck they could have just made a new group of friends in trouble like the first game... it worked.

Still, overall the mechanics, visuals, story, settings, etc. all combine to make this a worthy series to check out and own. Hopefully we'll have members who can add to the discussion and share their best screen shots, video or stories.