I just ran through Crysis 3 and here's what I think.

If you don't know it's set in NYC that has been destroyed, although you can't actually destroy anything yourself, not much anyway.

Given it's lower price of around $25 it is worth it if you like two things, single player gaming, or multiplayer gaming that feel very similar to Quake or Halo. In both the environments are great and the multiplayer maps are very reasonable, but I wasn't into the multiplayer because of the nano-suit functionality of allowing gamers to hop some 15 feet in the air... some will find that to be loads of fun.

So I'll talk more about the single player game.

Again the SP is reasonable for a triple A game. In many ways it's fantastic, but in the end most of it reminded me of other games with touches of them sprinkled everywhere, of course in the most realistic scenery and spectacular environments one can conceive of. And there it really is, if you want to experience really stunning graphics with reasonable game play it's worth it, but to buy this game if your system isn't capable then I'd suggest waiting until the price drops lower.

So what did they borrow? MW3 overview graphics and some music, Quake 4 interior environments, Half-Life's characters and 'master mind evil person' along with a few other elements from each. I'm sure if I was focused there would be way more, in fact there's so many references one could easily do a side by side comparison. It made me feel that Crytek was more interested in showing all other game developers that they should be using their engine. I periodically thought of them saying something like 'look how good your game would look if you used our engine.' And they're right it would look great.

This isn't to say the story wasn't cohesive, but I'm reminded of how Far Cry 3 had a powerful 'human' ending versus Crysis's 'slaying of the giant monster' climax ending. This obviously a reference to Marathon. There's that, and some very dorky dialogue that makes me realize that the Crytek team doesn't quite get the subtitles of American movie making and story telling, and while they are obviously very talented they fall short in some areas.

Still, the environments and circumstances one finds oneself in are pretty awesome and inspiring. So it actually really hard to give this a complete thumbs up or a 'wait until the price drops.' If you're looking for multiplayer and miss the Quake type of gaming, then perhaps here's a perfect chance to jump in, but if it's not then coughing up $20+ might not be worth the few days of replay you'll get out of the Single Player.

Open World? Not really although there's a couple of times one has a lot of open world to explore. Certainly not like FarCry3 which I'll talk about next. There was one scene where one is driving through a canyon like area, much like, hmmm, Half Life 2.

On the otherhand, if you haven't played Crysis 1, then do so. It must be cheap and it's a fantastic experience, complete with the boss at the end. (I like Crysis 1 because you can drive tanks in a tank battle, fly a vtol and drive other things, go up to high over-looks or sneak around down in the swamps. It's a good game.