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    Crysis 3 PreOrder Announcement & Details




    OVERKILL PACK available for PC Digital Download Only:

    • Overkill Pack - Includes the base game, all Hunter Edition content and the following early multiplayer unlocks: the Overkill Pack features early multiplayer access to the Typhoon assault weapon and skin. Spewing 500 rounds a second, the Typhoon gives players the ability to go guns blazing to take back the Liberty Dome. Also included in this pack are the Rapid-Fire Nano-suit module and two exclusive Overkill themed dog tags.


    • Become the Ultimate Hunter Online- Get early access to the new signature Crysis 3 bow, bow attachment, and "Hunter" Nanosuit module for use in Crysis 3 Multiplayer.
    • Multiplayer Head Start - Get a bonus XP boost up to Level 5 and gain the ability to unlock custom loadouts early.
    • Look Sharp - Customize your loadout, plus get a unique bow skin and three exclusive “Hunter” themed dog tags.

    Game Details:

    The award-winning developer Crytek is back with Crysis 3, the first blockbuster shooter of 2013! Return to the fight as Prophet, the Nanosuit soldier on a quest to rediscover his humanity and exact brutal revenge. Adapt on the fly with the stealth and armor abilities of your unique Nanosuit as you battle through the seven wonders of New York’s Liberty Dome. Unleash the firepower of your all-new, high-tech bow and alien weaponry to hunt both human and alien enemies. And uncover the truth behind the death of your squad while reestablishing the power of human will in a rich story full of exciting twists and turns. Crysis 3 is the ultimate sandbox shooter, realized in the stunning visuals only Crytek and the latest version of CryENGINE can deliver. Assess Adapt, and Attack starting spring 2013.

    Key Features:

    • Seven Wonders of the Urban Rainforest - New York City has been contained in a giant nanodome and grown into a unique rainforest with seven distinct environments. Master the ultimate sandbox and turn it into your own personal hunting ground.
    • Assess, Adapt, and Attack - Crysis’s highly-acclaimed sandbox gameplay is back with more open levels to let players choose their path and approach. Your upgraded Nanosuit allows brute force or stealth, always giving you more than one option.
    • Expanded Multiplayer - Experiment with new ways to customize your Nanosuit and brandthe new game modes.
    • The Biggest and Most Explosive Arsenal in Franchise History - In addition to giving you an arsenal of human firearms, Crysis 3 lets you scavenge alien weapons and deploy an all-new signature bow.
    • The Evolution of CryENGINE - CryENGINE unleashes the power of the Crytek creative team and delivers a visually stunning and varied gameplay experience.


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    So more info is coming out about Crysis 3 due in early 2013, but I'd thought I'd share my experience with the game in Crysis 1 and 2:

    Single Player Game:

    Crysis 1 was an impressive game. The open but linear game flow, the beautiful vistas, tank warfare and VTol (flying) warfare, vehicles, rockets, swimming and so much made the single player so much fun it was easy to play it over and over. They took their time to bring you into the battle and made ever bit of the experience a growing one. The aliens flew around, there was zero gravity in one section with things you to see you couldn't imagine. Awesome.

    Crysis Warhead was not anywhere as enjoyable as it seemed like a series of battles and not much more.

    Crysis 2: For some reason in Crysis 2 they put the aliens on the ground instead of flying. The game was much less 'open/linear' and more just linear 'path,' there was a lot of jumping from one area of the city to another that really wasn't seamless. There were more 'characters' that reminded me of Half-Life series of games. Scenery was very good but I have found there weren't really any levels I really wanted to play over again, unlike Crysis 1. There was a monotonous feel to the game play, where there would be a set number of enemy that you would basically have to sneak around and kill one at a time in order to proceed, to yet another set of enemy in a new location. In Crysis 2 you essentially game alone, whereas in Crysis 1 you were on a couple of occasions gaming with soldiers on your own side (even though there were a couple of scenes that had soldiers on your side you didn't feel like they meant anything to the battle).

    Multiplayer Experiences:

    Crysis 1: Pretty fair in most aspects... nice variety of maps and abilities with plenty to do 'taking bases.' I can't say Crysis 1 was my favorite multiplayer experience of all time but it held it's own. Crysis 2 on the other hand seemed to take all the bad things about Crysis 1 and combine them with smaller maps I think in an attempt to duplicate the popularity of MW2 map sizes instead of focusing on it's own track record of what was good/bad and improving upon it. Crysis Warhead multiplayer failed to launch (via Steam) so I have no experience.


    The Sandbox (a free program that comes with the game where you can make your own maps using all the assets of the game, or import your own assets) in Crysis 1 was fantastic, large maps with wonderful level of detail at even long distances (like 1 mile away you could still see trees) but in Crysis 2 the sandbox was dumbed down a bit so it would work with xbox and PS2 gamers. I'm still in the air as to which is the better program, not totally sure if there are work arounds for the level of detail in Sandbox for Crysis 2.


    I bring these issues up because Crysis series has so much potential, but imo has the problem of developers who simply borrow whatever they think is popular, like elements from Quake, Marathon, Half-Life series, MW2 and so on. I'm also not a fan of the nano suit. I do like the animations of it but the whole concept tries to make you into superman (yet another reference).

    I guess we'll see if Crysis 3 sells out more towards copying other games or somehow finds it's own core. Initally they say they're combining the city and jungle into one (reminds me of Portal 2) so 'that' isn't too encouraging.

    For your money, definitely buy Crysis 1, it was an awesome single player experience with plenty of repeated game play - it was great. Walking through the interior of an aircraft carrier with people who do talk to you if you walk up to them, being able to look around or even move around during cut scenes, and despite the fact you have to fight off a 'big boss' (like in Quake) at the end, at least the game has a start, developing middle and end, like a real and engaging story.

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