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    My account was hacked today

    Guys, some russians stole my origin account today... 1h ago to be precise, they ware idiots enough to add a friend and chat to him admitting theft...

    это я Mopnex64RUS у меня акк ломанули(
    вот парень отдал свой
    и че, не восстановить?
    незнаю в саппорт обращался они сказали подождать потом написали что пользователь с их же помощью сменил мыло, секретку и добавил секретный пароль сказали обратится в тех поддержку рф по телеыфону ... я сначала звонил постояно занято а потом ваще гудки не шли
    а как увели?
    как он сбрутил мой акк там пароль был Jar65Ur1TXZ09z
    брут похода
    такой пароль сбрутить шансов почтии нет или может стилер но хотя врятли я нечего некачал и мне некто нечего неприсылал
    будеш играть?
    да, чет сервы пустые на которых играю
    у тебя акк премиум, или обычный?
    как у меня может быть обычный если мы с тобой последний раз играли на )
    давай совместно?)
    так мы играли на старых всяких картах, там не обязательно прем нужен
    да у меня кооп только последняя миссия осталась
    давай её
    давай еще раз
    там как то надо быстро среагировать и выстрелить
    завис чёт
    можно на Зибе побегать, фрагов понабивать
    ты заходиш?
    у меня ориджин обновляться стал
    у меня тож
    чё играть то будем?
    давай на Зибу

    chat transcript...
    I cant change my info tough, they changed everything on acc, but forgot to change connected accounts(my account from battlefield play for free and heroes, aswell as need for speed games...)

    i cant change security question tough... and i fear i have a key logger on my pc.

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    Wow, so i contact customer support and i get this:

    You are now ready to chat with Pradeep.
    Pradeep: Thanks for contacting EA Help! My name is Pradeep how may I help you?
    you: hello
    you: anyone there?
    Pradeep: Hello
    you: Hey
    you: i have a problem
    Pradeep: Yes, I am here.
    you: my account was stolen
    Pradeep: Please tell me your issue, I'll do my best to address all your concern.
    you: today
    Pradeep: I apologize for the inconvenience causing you. Please don't worry, I will do my best to help you out.
    you: i made a forum post
    you: and i menaged to get the acc back, via lost your password
    Pradeep: Please provide any two game codes which is registered under that account.
    you: but i cant change security question
    you: one sec
    Pradeep: Sure, take your time.
    you: battlefield 3-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX(i edited these out)
    you: nfs hot pursuit- XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    you: and]
    you: shift 2 - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Pradeep: Which email id you've used to create this account?
    you: in the forum post, you can see a chat transcript(in russian, i used google translate to understand it)
    you: i think
    you: it is a old acc
    you: and only to emails i have are and
    you: also, my original origin id is AsicsKoki
    Pradeep: Please provide security question and answer associated with this account for verification.
    you: a new one?
    Pradeep: Could you please elaborate your last response?
    you: i dont know the current, and i dont remember the one i had before it was stolen
    you: it was set a long time ago
    Pradeep: Please call us on +420 228 880 676 and provide our current case number 07597067 for reference.
    Pradeep: They'll fix this issue for you.
    you: wait
    you: im from Serbia
    Pradeep: This team is available between 8AM-5PM GMT, Monday through Friday
    you: that call would cost a lot
    Pradeep: I've provided Serbian speaking country number.
    Pradeep: Please call concerned tea,
    Pradeep: team*
    you: can you please reset the security question, so i can post a new one
    you: i have entered the acc
    you: whoever took it, didnt change email, i used forgot password
    Pradeep: We've limited rights and are not allowed to make any changes on the account without verification.
    you: to retrieve
    you: oh god
    you: one minute
    you: from serbia
    you: to anywhere else is 10euros
    you: aprox
    you: can i contact someone on the web, write a ticket or something?
    Pradeep: Only phone support team needs to be contacted.
    you: one sec
    Pradeep: Okay
    you: can you give me the answer to this russian guys question?
    you: i will restore everything mysealf, i cant call abroad, it will be to expensive, might aswell buy a new game...
    Pradeep: We do not share any account information in chat session.
    Pradeep: Your account security is of paramount importance to us. We respect your privacy and this is just another move to enhance the security of your accounts.
    Pradeep: Nevertheless, if there is any technical question or issue, you can let me know and I should be able to take care of it.
    you: come on man, help me out
    you: i have proven that it is my acc
    Pradeep: No, Its not proved yet.
    you: ok
    you: can we go like this
    Pradeep: Thank you for contacting EA. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    you: i have need for speeds linked to steam acc
    you: i have been playing this game
    you: for several months now
    you: my last game was yesterday playd with apc, i had 50/10 ratio
    Pradeep: Could you please elaborate?
    you: i have 2 other accounts linked to my acc, aswell as my facebook
    you: i have a chat log
    you: that proves a acc theft
    you: i sent you
    you: the man who stole it, added some other guy on battlelog, and talked about my acc
    you: what else can i do to prove this, i have all the invo on game purchase, both for battlefield and for steam
    you: need for speed games
    Pradeep: Please contact phone support team.
    Pradeep: I apologize for not being able to address your issue personally due to limited rights.
    you: i have an email
    you: when the guy
    you: changed passwords
    you: i was here
    you: on pc
    you: ...
    Pradeep: As I have already provided you all the information in this regard, Please tell me if you have any other issue else I might be get forced to end this chat session due to repetitive nature of chat and other chats are also waiting in queue.
    you: can you pay my phone bill?
    you: thenk you

    So anyway i send the guy everything he asked for, plus the chat log of 2 russians hacking my acc, plus my facebook profile and he still didnt help. I LIVE IN A THIRD WORLD STATE, CALLING ABROAD WOULD COST ME AS MUCH AS A NEW GAME.


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    You are now ready to chat with Chad.
    Chad: Salutations, Thanks for contacting EA Origin Chat Support! My name is Chad, how may I assist you today?
    you: hello
    you: I need to change my security question and answer
    Chad: Unfortunately I seem to be unable to complete verification on this account. As such I will be unable to make or discuss any changes to this account. At this point I'll need to escalate your case to a Phone Specialist for review. Your local EA Phone Support group can be reached at 8 495 642 7397. Please provide the advisor your case number which is 07598156 and they will assist you further. I'm sorry for the trouble, is there anything else I may be able to assist you with, maybe a technical issue?
    you: you see
    you: yes
    you: there is
    you: i need you to listen to me, as this might concirn you.
    you: i already talked
    you: to support
    you: and they said the same thing
    you: my acc was stolen, and i menaged to get it back via forgot your password
    you: in the mean time i found out
    you: that poeple who stole it
    you: stole many other accounts
    you: please see
    you: his friend invites
    you: this was only contact added when i regained acc
    you: also, i have a chat
    you: beatwin mine and this acc
    you: last 3 frind invites are named the same
    you: as my acc
    Chad: Unfortunately this requires Account Verification which I am unable to complete online. You will have to contact EA Phone Support for further assistance.
    you: They are stealing accounts massively
    you: i cant call abroad
    you: i was directed to
    you: CZ call center
    you: and it is 2 euros a minte call
    you: minute, i cant call from my contrye
    you: can i please, i beg you, please talk to someone who can help me online?
    you: is there a way?
    you: please, help me out here, the other guy didint
    Chad: Unfortunately to assist you requires account verification, which I am unable to complete online. You will have to contact Phone support to complete verification, then they will be able to assist you further. Sorry for the trouble.
    you: I cant call abroad!!!!
    you: I need someone online
    you: on skype
    you: or msn
    you: or wherever
    you: i cant make calls to any other state.
    you: this is Serbia. Here that is a luxury
    you: and a 10 minute call would cost 100 euros
    Chad: I'm very sorry for the trouble, but it seems I will be unable to assist you further with this issue. Thanks for contacting EA Origin Chat Support, have a great day my friend. If there is anything else we can assist you with please don't hesitate to contact us again.
    Chad: I'm very sorry for the trouble, but it seems I will be unable to assist you further with this issue. Thanks for contacting EA Origin Chat Support, have a great day my friend. If there is anything else we can assist you with please don't hesitate to contact us again.
    The chat session has ended. Please contact us again if you need further help.
    You are not currently in a chat session.


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    i can imagine the frustration your having with EA. I cant believe your experiencing that much stupidity with the online chat. I know for a fact that there are different levels of chat you can communicate with. Technicians and what not may be able to help you there, all you have to do is request to speak with an account technician and what not and they have to transfer you.. just note the name of who is connecting you before hand.

    On another note, i believe this is the same group of russians that have been hacking and spamming gaming websites using BF3. We were spammed a few weeks ago by a name similar to what was on the profile.
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    I got the account back... it was a pain, and it cost me almost as the game itself. **** YOU EA.

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    wow, glad you got your account back AsicsKoki but what a pain to do so. Seems they could reimburse you for the call considering the hacked account wasn't your fault.

    Hackers are a pain, but here they attacked you directly costing you real money, yet they all think it's a joke and no one is harmed. Perhaps they can just open their wallet to pay anyone who's been cheated so directly. Hope they catch them, then you can sue them for your money back.

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    You are lucky to have your account back, I know of three people that live close to me that had there accounts hacked and lost everything they would not even talk to them.
    My accounts are locked tigher then the popes poop shoot...

    Mayham Thats All We Want!!

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