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    BF3 servers, forums, news feed down 12/28/21012

    It looks like Battlelog is under going a hack attack. In the forum before it was shut down there was a pict of a rude question poll. Also in my feed I noticed I had joined a group which had a curse word in it's title, something I wouldn't do, but maybe their name was changed.

    I've also noticed yesterday that everyone was kicked from many servers, that only 3 had gamers on them (I do have a screen shot of this).

    I'd recommend checking your battlelog feed once it comes back online.

    Accoring to BattleLog on Twitter:
    We're aware of people getting blocked by a "Wrong email or password" when logging in. Please use the "Forgot Password" link as a workaround.
    released Nov 2.

    UPDATE: all seems to be working again, except some reporting:
    "Launching is currently disabled. Please try again later."

    I get this message when I try to join a server.
    Update origin manually to solve launch problem
    There's also a bogus link to join BF3, DON'T PUT IN YOUR DETAILS!!!!!
    It's referred to BattleField Alfa, don't do it... it'll hack your computer!!!!!
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