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    [CeltS] Christmas Day Party (Online)

    Hello All,

    On Christmas day we are having an online cod 4 bash, its really a get together for clan members and friends of the clan. The theme is a paintball mod which is loads of fun, server streams to all good AC's. This not clan promoting, if you feel it is just delete this post!

    Its amazing how real to life this mod is! Hope you can make it for *Game On* Christmas Day

    Thanks Killian aka [CeltS] MadDoG

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    Re: [CeltS] Christmas Day Party (Online)

    Sure Killian, thanks for the heads up... sounds like fun.

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    Re: [CeltS] Christmas Day Party (Online)

    Yup, sounds cool.. I think most clans will be doing something special then.

    Wish I could join lol, but I don't have cod4

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    Re: [CeltS] Christmas Day Party (Online)

    Ye its a pity you could not get a loan of a game or something .. should be good fun, cant wait!!

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    Re: [CeltS] Christmas Day Party (Online)

    We even caught a hacker on it today lol... why would you even want to hack on this mod lol

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