New Features

AI Cooperative Mode - Three AI Maps have been added.
  • Bridge AI - Easy to learn and navigate, the Bridge mission makes an excellent first map for the novice America’s Army soldier. Strategically placed NME AI will be guarding various points of the Bridge. *The NME are hostile towards US forces. *US Soldiers operating in this area are encouraged to find cover, move cautiously, and maintain situational awareness at all times. *This map is structured as an introductory map for those learning the basics of America’s Army movement, shooting, and communication.
  • Ranch AI - Don’t let this harmless farmhouse facade fool you! The quaint exterior hides an underground headquarters that is crawling with NME AI. Players must first breach a perimeter of patrolling NME AI to reach the central farm house. Once inside, search each room to locate and extract one of two possible objectives - the attache case or a charismatic scientist. *Secure the objective and move to the green extraction point on the Blue Force Tracker to complete the mission.
  • Airfield AI - Featuring battle hardened NME AI, Airfield showcases the largest America’s Army map ever made. The Airfield Coop mission features an abandoned airfield that is being used as a staging area by the NME. A central air control tower provides a bird’s eye view of the runways and surrounding area. *The large open spaces of the Airfield provide limited cover. *Soldiers must proceed to the objective carefully by using the natural terrain and plenty of smoke screens to hide movements. *A heavy loadout is highly recommended in order to take advantage of the complete tool set that America’s Army has to offer.
  • Automatic Coop to Competitive Co-op Mode Switch
    • Recent Intel suggests that a rogue group NME troops have broken away from conventional Czervenian forces. *They are highly trained, well armed, and extremely hostile to both NME and US forces.
    • AI Maps start in Cooperative mode. *When a specified number of players has been reached, the server splits the teams into a Competitive Co-op mode, which pits two human teams against each other with hostile AI in between! *Only the most skilled America’s Army soldiers will be able to complete the Airfield mission while battling both human and AI controlled NME’s!

New Scoreboard, After Action Review
  • Scoreboard
    • Side by Side Team View
    • Actual LDRShIP Honor Point Total for Match
    • NME Neutralizations
    • Times Neutralized

  • After Action Review (AAR)
    • Mission Outcome
    • Rank Progress
    • Achievements Earned
    • LDRShIP Breakdown
    • Mission History

  • STAR Menu
    • Last Round AAR
    • Servers
    • Soldier Profile
    • Account Statistics
    • Leaderboards
    • Armory and Tactics
    • (From AAR) Save AAR

  • America’s Army 10th Anniversary!
    • Holiday Event Mode for servers. *The server will transition to a special holiday mode that celebrates both the 10th Anniversary of America’s Army and America’s Birthday in an appropriately explosive and patriotic manner.

  • MEDEVAC - Volunteer to Reinforce Your Squad After a MEDEVAC Rescue (AI maps only)
    • If incapacitated without a teammate nearby, request a MEDEVAC. *Volunteer for the next Quick Reaction Force to get back in the action and reinforce your teammates. You will be given a weapon from available stores.

  • Combat ID System
    • Teammates have a fireteam based color coded chemlight tied to their rucksacks so that they can be easily identified as friendly forces.
    • Only visible to teammates
    • Light “strobes” as distance increases
    • Not viewable by NME’s

  • Morale Boost - No Suppression for linked teammates (AI maps only)
    • Teammate linking has been improved - note that linked teammates have a white circle around their icons in the BFT.
    • On AI maps, when linked to teammates players experience a morale boost that negates the effects of being suppressed by incoming rounds and nearby explosions. *The BFT displays teammate links with white circles around player icons.

  • New Optics
    • ELCAN M145 3x Optical Sight on the M249 SAW
      • Select the M-145 3x for the M249 in the loadout dropdown menu of the Role Select screen.

    • ACOG 2x Sight on M4A1 and M16A4
      • Select the ACOG 2x for the M4 and M16A4 rifles in the loadout dropdown menu of the Role Select screen.

  • Knock Down Traces
    • This server side configurable option (default to enabled on AI missions) causes the path of the bullet that knocked a soldier down to be clearly drawn on clients for all 3rd person views. *1st person views do not see knock down traces.

  • CLS related situational audio
    • Helps players find downed teammates
    • Helps teammates find you!
    • Automatic callouts for “I’m hit!” and “I’m down!” followed by directional information, ie: “behind you!”
    • Responders can use medic key “M” to guide them to the patient.
      • Distance and direction to patient is displayed in the messaging area.
    • Automatic callout for “Cover me!” when reviving a teammate or treating an injury.
    • Automatic callout for “Thank you!” after being revived or treated by a teammate.

  • Combat Communication Enhancements
    • Automatic callouts for Reloads and Fix-jams
    • Depending on combat situation, callouts will be tactical (calm/quiet) or combat (shouted).

  • SuperSpectator for Server Admins
    • Server super admins can use a new superspectator mode that allows them to fly the camera anywhere within the gameplay space.
    • console command: *superspectator true

  • Leaderboards Added
    • Longest DMR ACOG 4x Headshot (meters)
    • Longest M249 ACOG 3x Headshot (meters)
    • Longest M4A1/M16A4 ACOG 2x Headshot (meters)
    • Longest M249 Aimpoint Headshot (meters)
    • Longest M4A1/M16A4 Aimpoint Headshot (meters)

  • Achievements
    1. Pursuit of Happiness - Play from 1st to 31st of July
    2. Never Miss - Fire at least 30 rounds and hit the NME with every round.
    3. Ammo Conservationist - Complete the winning action in any Co-op mission without firing a shot or throwing an M67.
    4. Ninja Soldier - Complete the winning action on any Co-op map or mission without being hit by any bullet or grenade.
    5. Never Quit - Complete the winning action on Airfield or Ranch while not linked to a teammate.
    6. Clear Air Action - Be on the winning team on a Co-op mission without throwing any smoke grenades.
    7. VIP Rescue - Rescue the VIP from a human NME team after they have revived him.
    8. Best Patient Ever - Always wait for a teammate to revive you instead of using the MEDEVAC option in Co-op play.
    9. Incredible Shot (Bronze 300m, Silver 400m, Gold 500m) - Hit a head shot neutralization at a distance between 300 - 400, 400 - 500, and 500+ meters.