Americas Army 2.8.5 Legacy Weekend
72 Hour Frag-Fest
September 3rd, 4th, and 5th

Join your fellow Americas Army 2.x gamers Labor Day weekend for a 72 Hour frag-fest. Relive the glory days of Americas Army while catching up with members throughout the community. All you have to do is log on during the extended Labor Day weekend, join the community TeamSpeak 3 server (info below), and play some Americas Army. The emphasis will be on casual gaming, but scrims and/or 1-day tournaments may be setup pending community interest.


Q: How can I find other “Legacy Weekend” participants?
A: First, logon to all your former communication clients such as xfire. Next, join the community TeamSpeak 3 server to be instantly connected to weekend participants.

Q: When during the day will the event take place?
A: No specific time has been assigned to the weekend in order to encourage play throughout the weekend.

Q: What’s the point?
A: The goal of this weekend is to have fun, nothing more nothing less

Have a question or want to plan an event? Send an email to subject line [AA – Legacy Weekend].

Community TeamSpeak 3 Server Information:
Server Address:
No Password

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