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    Thumbs Up This is a Blast - MW3

    Hey all this freaking game is awesome, I have been playing this on xbox the last few weeks and I got the Premium access. I have to say it! I perfer this game over BF3, although BF3 is a great game they(EA)totaly blew it for me. After working several months on perks and weapons they turn around and sell all of them to noobs after all the work I put in it is like a slap in the face. I will never buy another EA game again thats forsure.
    Anyway here are some vids check it out I will get some good ingame footage and post it aswell, any one on xbox live hit me up in group under "DPL-wOOdy".
    At least they are selling you new content not skill that you should earn.


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    It is a blast, and did I miss this post? haha.

    I'm glad they avoided the pitfall of MW2 with the airport scene.

    I still boot this game up on my MAC, yes my iMac and it runs well.

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