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    Mass Effect 3 Review

    Well folks this is my personal review I downloaded this and have played the single player campaign and online play, to be honest I have played better from EA and Bioware.


    #1 Ok story line they follow the same objective as in the previous versions, without giving anything away the ending is unexpected witch is the only thing new.
    #2 Graphic are above par but well below what can be accomplished by taking time to build a first class game.
    #3 System requirements are not out of this world if you can run Battlefield 3 then you can run this.
    #4 Key binds are really off norm and hard to setup, one thing I never like about this game is there is no jump, prone or crouch in this game all three of these movements have to be accomplished by using a combination of keys at the same time.
    #5 Weapons many deferent kinds of weapons available but limited to certain levels.
    #6 last but not least PunkBuster is a requirement for online play and has to be installed to run a server.


    #1 Story line is the same old stuff nothing really fresh and new, I personally am not a big fan for these fantasy games, and I am more of realistic game person.
    #2 Graphic are subpar most characters are extremely shinny and very poor looking kind of cartoonish, and polygons and textures are as bad or worse than they are in BF3 with gaps and floating objects rocks and other objects.
    #3 Key binds are horrible and very hard to setup and use, just jumping from one location to another is way too much work.
    #4 online play is not worth it, there is no team work needed it is another run and shoot game no real objectives and/or communication.
    #5 last but least cost was way too high for this poor quality game this should have been a free game.
    Standard Edition $59.99
    Digital Deluxe Edition $79.99

    My Conclusion:
    This game is well under the standards that EA has set with previous games like Medal of Honor, the Battlefield series, Crysis, Left 4 Dead, and Dead Space.
    On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being worst and 10 best I would have to rate this at a 4 because of the lack of new content, story and features.

    Mayham Thats All We Want!!

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    I would disagree with everything you said. This game is no more than an epilogue of the mass effect story, all 3 parts have the same story. So far this is the best of the 3. Graphics are taken from me2(witch was epic in every way to), and the story ending could not have been better if Tarantino wrote it!

    Every dialogue in the game changes the ending, every decision you make changes the faith of the races in the galaxy! For instance when liberating the quarian home-world from the geth, Legion disables the get servers and thurns them passive so the quarian fleets can destroy them, but tells you that he can program them to work for you and gain full self awareness like any organic beings, you can chose to do that or keep them disabled. If u keep them disabled, quarians win and send a fleet to help the fight on earth(has a battle rating i think around 200), but if u release the geth codes, geth fight back in self defance quarians lose some ships and geth send a fleet to earth with 500 rating.

    If you playd past me games you would ask yourself many things, like what about sovereign, the geth, harbinger and the colectors, genophage... everything is explained here.

    You might have noticed that there is no anti aliasing in the game, this can be fixed by using the force AA command in catalyst control center if u have ati, and something similar for nVidia.

    Combat style is very new! ME1 was the first cover to cover game made, this one is far more advanced. It is made in a way that everyone can play it, and it gives you(in cooperation with class abilities) tactical options to fight, going stealth and rushing across cover to stab someone on the other side, or sneaking behind them from cover to place a auto turret.

    btw teamplay... there are clans and clan wars in ME3, you cant expect team play on pubs...


    The price is good to.

    This game will be game of the year, i can bet on it.


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