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    (s-C)- Sons Of Combat

    Clanname: Sons of Combat
    Clantag: (s-C)-
    Games played: Americas Army
    Clan Tracker:
    Current Members: 5
    Game Servers: [AON] The Rubber Chicken =NOC= & (s-C)-
    Teamspeak/Ventrillo Server:
    Clan Leader: (s-C)-Korobushka^
    Clan Forum:
    Clan Homepage:
    Recruiting: Recruiting by admin only
    Policies: We have a 0% Hack tolerance! We have a 0% racism/sexism tolerance! we also have 0% Tolerance for ghosting.
    Finally, add the following: (s-C)- Sons Of Combat [AON] The Rubber Chicken =NOC= & (s-C)-
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    Re: (s-C)- Sons Of Combat

    Thanks for posting. You guys have a great looking forum, set up very nice.

    Best of luck to you all.

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