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    -t3k- Team Elite Killers

    Team Elite Killers

    Clan Description: Great social clan. Currently accepting players for all of the games we play.

    Clanname: Team Elite Killers
    Clantag: -t3k-
    Games played: Call of Duty 4, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 2
    Current Members: 20
    Game Servers: - Call of Duty 4 Recruiting Server - Battlefield 2142 Recruiting Server
    Teamspeak/Ventrillo Server: - Ventrilo
    Clan Leader: -t3k- bmlbytes
    Clan Forum:
    Clan Homepage:
    Recruiting: Visit the homepage, register, then click the apply button on the top of the page

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    Re: -t3k- Team Elite Killers

    update website and/or info and let us know you're still active,

    until then your post will be in the archive.

    Thanks, GB

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