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    TOOLS 1: Performance evaluation

    Be sure to see our TABLE OF CONTENTS for links to every category in this Computer Tech Board

    TOOLS 1: Performance evaluation
    • SiSoftware Sandra
    • 3DMark06
    • VirtualMark
    • PCMark Vantage



    Can your computer run that game?


    Automatically analyze your computer in just seconds, and it's FREE.

    Get your complete report in seconds including suggestions for what to upgrade on your computer.

    • Only your system's hardware and system software are evaluated.
    • No personally identifiable information is collected.
    • Works on Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Media Center, Vista.
    • Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox & Netscape browsers.
    • You will need to give your permission to download a secure ActiveX/Java browser component.
    • You can easily uninstall the ActiveX/Java browser component when the analysis is complete.


    What it does:

    This site provides a One-Click solution that looks at your computer's hardware and system software to determine whether or not your current system can run a product. Each of your computer's components is evaluated to see how well it meets the minimum and recommended requirements for specific products. Recommendations are made on how to update or upgrade each component which does not meet the listed requirements. Sometimes, a simple, free software download is all that is needed. Sometimes you'll find that you need a different video card to fully experience what the game has to offer. Click here:

    Click Here >>> CAN YOU RUN IT?


    AMD is also offering the same exact tool on its site so you have a choice of download locations:

    Click Here >>> CAN YOU RUN IT? (AMD)

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    Re: TOOLS: Performance evaluation

    Sandra (System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant)


    SiSoftware Sandra (the System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is an information & diagnostic utility. It should provide most of the information (including undocumented) you need to know about your hardware, software and other devices whether hardware or software.

    You have the choice between different versions to fit your needs (and your budget). The good part is they have also a free Lite version.

    Click Here >>> SiSoftware Sandra

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    Re: TOOLS: Performance evaluation



    3DMarkĀ®06 is the worldwide standard in advanced 3D game performance benchmarking. A fundamental tool for every company in the PC industry as well as PC users and gamers, 3DMark06 uses advanced real-time 3D game workloads to measure PC performance using a suite of DirectX 9 3D graphics tests, CPU tests, and 3D feature tests.

    You have the between the 3DMark06 Advanced or the 3DMark06 Basic (Free Limited Version).

    Click Here >>> 3DMark06

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    Re: TOOLS: Performance evaluation



    VirtualMark is a Futuremark instant online benchmark. This tool will help you to find out how well your PC performs in 3D gaming. VirtualMark is based on the Futuremark industry standard benchmark, 3DMark. With their vast database, VirtualMark is able to accurately predict the performance of almost any imaginable computer configuration.

    Click Here >>> VirtualMark

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    Re: TOOLS: Performance evaluation



    PCMark Vantage is the first objective hardware performance benchmark for PCs running 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows Vista. PCMark Vantage is perfectly suited for benchmarking any type of Windows Vista PC from multi media home entertainment systems and laptops to dedicated workstations and hi-end gaming rigs.

    You have the choice between 4 versions, including a Free Basic Trial Edition (One time Use Only)

    Click Here >>> PCMark Vantage

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