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    COMPUTER TERMINOLOGY: Abbrev, extensions, processes, missing .dll

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      Abbreviation, file extensions, processes, missing .dll




      AC:Alternating Current

      ADO:Activex Data Objects

      ADT:Application Data Types

      ADT:Asynchronous Data Transfer

      ADSL:Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

      AGP:Accelerated Graphic Port

      AIFF:Audio Interchange File Format

      AIX:Advanced Interactive Executive

      ANSI:American National Standard Institute

      API:Application Program Interface

      ASCII:American Standard Code for Information Interchange

      ASP:Active Server Pages

      ATA:Advance technology Attachment

      ATM:Asynchronous Transfer Mode

      BIOS:Basic Input Output System

      CD-ROM:Compact Disk-Read Only Memory

      CD_RW:Compact Disk ReWritable

      CGI:Common Gateway Interface

      CMOS:Complementary Metal-Oxyde Semiconductor

      CPL:Cost Per Lead

      CPU:Central Processing Unit

      CRT:Cathode Ray Tube

      DC:Direct Current

      DLL:Dynamic Link Library

      DDR:Double Data Rate

      DHCP:Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

      DHTML:Dynamic HTML

      DIM:Dual In-Line Memory Module

      DMA:Direct Memory Access

      DNS:Domain Name Server

      DOS:Disk Operating System

      DV:Digital Video

      DVD:Digital Versatile Disk

      DVD-R:Digital Versatile Disk-Recordable

      DVD-RAM:Digital Versatile Disk-Random Access memory

      DVD-ROM:Digital Versatile Disk-Read Only Memory

      DVD-RW:Digital Versatile Disk-ReWritable


      FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions

      FAT:File Allocation Table

      FDD:Floppy Diskette DriveFile Transfer Protocol

      FSB:FrontSide Bus

      FTP:File Transfer Protocol

      GIF:Graphics Interchange Format

      GPU:Graphics Processing Unit

      HDD:Hard Disk Drive

      HTML:HyperText Markup Language

      HTTP:HyperText Transfer Protocol

      ICF:Internet Connection Firewall

      ICS:Internet Connection Sharing

      IDE:Integrated Drive Electronics

      IEEE:Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

      IM:Instant Message

      IMAP:Internet Message Access Protocol


      IP:Internet Protocol

      IPX:Internetwork Packet Exchange

      IRC:Internet Relay Chat

      IRQ:Interrupt Request

      ISA:Industry Standard Architecture

      ISDN:Integrated Services Digital Network

      ISO:International Organization for Standardization

      ISP:Internet Service Provider

      IT:Information Technology

      IVR:Interactive Voice Response

      JPEG:Joint Photograhic Experts Group

      JSP:Java Server Page

      Kbps:Kilobits Per Second

      LAN:Local Area Network

      LDAP:Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

      LPI:Lines Per Inch

      Mbps:Megabits Per Second

      MCA:Micro Channel Architecture

      MIDI:Musical Instrument Digital Interface

      MIPS:Million Instructions Per Second

      MPEG:Moving Picture Experts Group

      NAT:Network Address Translation

      NetBIOS:Network Basic Input/Output System

      NIC:Network Interface Card

      NNTP:Network News Transfer Protocol

      NOC:Network Operations Center

      NTFS:New Technology File System

      NTSC:National Television Standards Committee

      OCR:Optical Character Recognition

      ODBC:Open Database Connectivity

      OEM:Original Equipment Manufacturer

      OLAP:Online Analytical Processing

      OLE:Object Linking and Embedding

      OpenGL:Open Graphics Library

      OSPF:Open Shortest Path First

      P2P:Peer to Peer

      PCB:Printed Circuit Board

      PCI:Peripheral Component Interconnect

      PCMCIA:Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

      PDA:Personal Digital Assistant

      PDF:Portable Document Format

      PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor

      PIM:Personal Information Manager

      PNG:Portable Network Graphic

      POP:Post Office Protocol

      PPC:Pay Per Click

      PPGA:Plastic Pin Grid Array

      PPL:Pay Per Lead

      PPP:Point to Point Protocol

      PRAM:Parameter Random Access Memory

      PSA:Public Service Announcement

      RAID:Redundant Array of Independent Disks

      RAM:Random Access Memory

      RAR:Roshal ARchiveR

      RDRAM:Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory

      RGB:Red Green Blue

      RISC:Reduced Instruction Set Computing

      ROM:Read-Only Memory

      RSS:Rich Site Summary

      RTF:Rich Text Fomat

      RUP:Rational Unified Process

      SATA:Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

      SCSI:Small Computer System Interface

      SD:Secure Digital

      SDRAM:Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory

      SDSL:Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line

      SEO:Search Engine Optimization

      SIMM:Single In-Line Memory Module

      SMART:Self-Monitoring Analysis And Reporting Technology

      SMS:Short Message Service

      SMTP:Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

      SOAP:Simple Object Access Protocol

      SQL:Structured Query Language

      SSI:Server Side Includes

      SSL:Secure Sockets Layer

      TCP IP:Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

      TFT:Thin Film Transistor

      TIFF:Tagged Image File Format

      TLD:Top-Level Domain

      TTL:Time To Live

      UDP:User Datagram Protocol

      UML:Unified Modeling Language

      UNC:Universal Naming Convention

      URL:Uniform Resource Locator

      USB:Universal Serial Bus

      VCI:Virtual Channel Identifier

      VESA:ideo Electronics Standards Association

      VFAT:Virtual File Allocation Table

      VGA:Video Graphics Array

      VLB:VESA Local Bus

      VoIP:Voice Over Internet Protocol

      VPI:Virtual Path Identifier

      VPN:Virtual Private Network

      VRAM:Video Random Access Memory

      VRML:Virtual Reality Modeling Language

      WAIS:Wide Area Information Server

      WAN:Wide Area Network

      WEB:World Wide Web

      WEP:Wired Equivalent Privacy

      Wi-Fi:Wireless Fidelity

      WML:Wireless Markup Language

      WYSIWYG:What You See Is What You Get

      XLL:Extensible Linking Language

      XML:Extensible Markup Language

      XSL:Extensible Stylesheet Language

      YPN:Yahoo Publishers Network

      ZIF:Zero Insertion Force

      ZIP:Zone Information Protocol

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    Re: Abbreviation, file extensions, processes, missing .dll (Detailed informations about file extension)

    Description contains a searchable free database of thousands of file extensions with detailed information about the associated file types. Each entry contains information about the file format, a description of the file, and the program or programs that can open the file. Programs for opening the files are listed for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux platforms.

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    Abbreviation, file extensions, processes, missing .dll (Process listing database)


    This is an unique and indispensable process listing database. Uniblue's free and comprehensive online library of processes is for everyone who needs to know the exact nature and purpose of every process that should, and should not, be running on their PC.

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    Abbreviation, file extensions, processes, missing .dll

    afreedll (Download and restore missing .dll files)


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    Re: Abbreviation, file extensions, processes, missing .dll (Download and restore missing .dll files)


    Missing a dll file? This site is designed to help handle problems with a "Couldn't find ***.dll..." pop-up messages. You can download almost any missing dll file from this site. All of their free downloadable dll files are accessible directly from their web site.

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    Re: Abbreviation, file extensions, processes, missing .dll
    (File Extension Database)


    There are many ways to come to FILExt: search engine, various programs, referrals but, basically, you came here to search for the name of a program that uses a particular file extension. To do that use the search box.

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    Re: Abbreviation, file extensions, processes, missing .dll (Find out what any acronym, abbreviation, or initialism stands for)


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