Strategies for Survival & Success playing the game:

3 Catagories:
  • Top Things,
  • Self-Preservation,
  • Squad Preservation,
  • Team Success.
  • General,

Top things you should remember playing Crysis:
1) Travel along odd and unpredictable paths.
2) Zoom in when you shoot to increase your guns accuracy.
3) Know and use your special abilities to get in closer to the enemy.
4) Take out any sniper that might of made it to your spawn base. It took them a long time to get there, if you kill them you'll save your team and will make them think twice about traveling to try and get into the same position.
5) If no one is using tanks, helicopters, etc., use it to make for a more dynamic team.
6) If your whole team is going one way, go to other locations that aren't under attack to make the other team have to respond, leaving less of them at the main battle fields.

1) Self-Preservation:

1a-Get in a vehicle to get out of the spawn base fast, but be willing to abandon it quickly as you approach hot spots.

1b-If you’re going to snipe, find a location then try and stay still...movement is easy to see and will reveal your position.

1c-Don’t stop running...if someone shoots you while you are running, don’t stop to see who shot you, keep running and find safety! Once you’re safe, don’t try and find the person who shot’ve already lost this engagement, perserve yourself and go find another target. Remember, they already know where you are but you’re not sure where they are...if you try and locate them, they’ll have plenty of time to shoot you.

1d-If you are getting killed too much, change your stragety...go in a different direction, slow down or speed up (run more), change weapons...

1e-If you are moving slowly forward or sitting in one location, be aware that your own rear position may be in danger...always look around when moving slowly forward to make sure no one is sneaking up on you.

1f-Check around corners before moving forward...corners are dangerous as snipers will focus on them...sometimes it is better to completely run past a corner. Run in a zig-zag pattern. Don't try and run towards a sniper who's 500 yards away, you'll die. Try to out-flank them, use smoke or pick them off and if the sniper is really having an impact on the teams performance, warn the team to "stay away from 'left or right' side... sniper".

1g-When entering a room, scan it with your cursor. In fact every space you encounter, whether interior or exterior you should scan it from left to right (or visa versa depending on which side your protection is, like a wall, building, etc).

1h-If hiding in close-quarters situations, keep feet off the ground because the enemy will notice this first when entering a room.

1i-Distract the enemy and then flank their position...throw a gernade from one area then run around (fast) to flank their position. Shooting someone in the side when they aren’t aware of you is easier than shooting at them while they shoot at you. Sometimes you can just spray the ground in front of the enemy to get them to stop moving forward and looking in the direct you've shot from...

1j-When driving a vehicle and approaching a hot spot, go invisible, stop the vehicle and switch to the passenger seat. This way the enemy won't know if you've jumped out of the vehicle earlier, won't see your shadow, etc. and you'll be able to scan to see if it's a safe area or not.

1k-It is easier to shoot someone in the back than to confront them...try and penetrate the enemy line and surprise the enemy from the rear.

1k-Become ‘cursor aware’, that is, always make sure that your cursor is pointed towards the horizon while you run and pointed in the direction that you think you may run into the enemy. By becoming ‘cursor aware’ while you play, you have an easier time shooting the enemy.

1l-Use your flash bangs before entering a room.

1m-Don't be afraid to lay down a base of fire if your not sure if the enemy is in a certain area. Usually you can get them to move if you spray an area, or you might just hit something and you'll know where to focus your fire. On the other hand, if you spray looking for targets and hit or see nothing, then move to a new location via a protected area because you've just given up your position.

1n-If someone is shooting at you and you have no idea where they are, retreat.

1o-If you run out of ammo, pick up any weapon you find. If your in a close quarters fire-fight, you can do this as well without bothering with reloading or switching weapons. If your carrying a pistol, you might want to switch for something else that's lying on the ground.

1p-Know how to use the speed burst in vehicles to get to location quicker.

1q-If the enemy is 'nuking'. Everyone should attack that location, retrieve the weapon and use it against the enemy. Everyone should protect anyone carrying the nuke weapon in a spread out formation.

1r-Learn how to spawn at new locations closer to the main battles or even behind the enemy. This will allow you to engage the enemy sooner and keep them off-balance.

1s-Plant road mines where the sun and shadow meets, making them harder to see and plant them close to the enemies main spawn base.

2) Squad Preservation:

2a-If a team member in front of you is sneaking up on an enemy position, don’t throw a gernade. You may end up leaving that person totally exposed by flushing out the enemy, and, you both might get killed.

2b-Don’t push against a teammates back or side, leave them enough room to retreat incase of a sniper or gernade attack.

2c-If a team member next to you moves forward, support their flank and rear...don’t just sit there and watch them get shot. If they point their gun right, point yours to the left.

2d-Move forward at a rate consistant with other team members, unless you are a sniper. This will help ensure that your flank is being supported.

2e-Turkey find or distract a sniper or the enemy, one person runs out into the open creating a ‘perfect target’, generally shooting and creating havoc (flash bangs, nades, etc), while the other team members find and kill the enemy sniper. The use of the large machine gun also has this effect as the enemy will all want to get a shot at the fool using the MG (LOL) which leaves them vunerable to getting shot themselves. On the MG, make a few short bursts to get everyone attention then exit the area.

3) Team Success:

3a-Generally on maps, everyone tends to move towards central bases to gain a foothold. Support this at the beginning of the round as it will help your team get an advantage and move your spawn locations closer to the action.

3b-Get behind the enemy and near their main spawn base, find a good defensible spot and pick off the enemy when they run past.

3c-If you see an enemy soldier run behind your position and your teams, seek them out until you know they are no longer a threat to the team. This may cost you many lives but it is the right thing to do. This will also help keep the enemy 'corralled' and easier to kill.

3d-Bind Sayings that quickly point out when the teams flank is vunerable...for instance, use the ‘<‘ key to say ‘Left Flank, need Help’ or ‘>’ for the right flank.

3e-Use (or assign) the correct key for quick Team Chat to help locate the enemy for your team members...especially snipers, before you risk your own life trying to shoot one...and, if you didn’t know, you can Team Chat while you are on the run using most of the keys on the keyboard to type out your message...i.e., you don’t have to stop and type a message before moving.

3f-If you know that the enemy is spawning from a new location, let your team know and try and take the position to push the enemy back to their main base.

4) General:

4a-If you see a body part of the enemy sticking through a wall or door, shoot it. You can kill someone if you shoot their foot, hand or whatever. If you see the flash of fire but don't see them, toss a nade.

4b-Aim for upper torso or head for the quickest kill.

4c-Always try and fight your enemy from their flank or back, not head-on. If they are in front of you... dig in and hold the position. This will give you and your team an advantage.

4d-Always be prepared to take out a helicopter or tank but especially helicopters as they have the greatest access to the entire map and can cause the most havoc to the team.


Have fun, play fair and don’t scare the noobs too much in invisible mode... and as always, be the better player by making it fun for everyone.