"My desire is to create a clan of integrity. To be able to play Combat Arms honestly, whether we win or lose. Its about how we play the game. I would like for my clan to be based on good morals and values and for those that can not abide, no matter the bond, will have to be annulled. I would like a legitimate clan that may want to participate with each other as a brotherhood, outside of the game. I would like a clan that would like to be noticed for their interests and skills; a clan that is based on good family morals and values. To be able to play other online games besides Combat Arms and that is willing to show maturity and be positive role models for others in clan wars etc. My goal is to develop a clan of multiple personalities that have similar goals. I want to create an infinite family not just a temporary clan."

Knights Legacy is a clan based off Fair Online Play. We are open in Combat Arms as well as starting up in Battlefield 3.

Our vision is to have a group of people who play the same games who we can call a family. You don't necessarily have to be the best player to be able to join but you have to be quite loyal, respectful and honest.

We are trying to change the way clans are made and make Gaming more fun for those around us.

We are trying to grow ten fold and get our name out there more to start a new wave of Gaming.

Our website www.knightslegacy.net
Check us out.