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    Clan Description: Clan ANS has set out to create an organized social-gaming
    network consisting of mature players interested in multiple game titles. The
    goal here at ANS is to build a reputation of excellence in the quality of gaming
    along with a pleasurable social atmosphere. We accomplish our goal by using
    a rank-based structure within our membership based upon easy-to-follow guidelines
    and rules. If ANS sounds like a gaming community in which you would be interested,
    please don&#39;t hesitate to stop in and say hello!
    Clanname: CLAN ANS
    Acceptus Nosco Sodalitas
    "Welcome to become acquainted with fellowship"
    Clantag: ANS_
    Games played: (Don&#39;t include every Game people in your clan have EVER played,
    just the ones they are most active in!)
    Clan Tracker:
    Current Members: 30
    Our Servers:<br>

    Our Ventrillo Server:<br>

    Clan Leader:ANS_NoHands<br>
    Clan Forum:<br>
    Clan Homepage:<br>
    Policies: Policies, Constitution, Rules, etc... are all availiable on our clan

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    Re: ANS

    Welcome to the site. Post GameTracker server banners if you have them. peace.

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