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Hi there let me introduce myself i am =TWF=Bigfoot im age 45 and have been around the gaming community for many a year im a keen gamer aswell as keen cheat catcher . i am a admin and security officer over at =TWF= and guid's are checked 2 or 3 times aweek of players on all servers and full members and recruits are check aswell.we are registered at PunkBusted PBBans and stream to GGC.

our clan forums can be found at www.twf-clan.net

our clan leader is =TWF=Tingez and we do play matches in cod4 /black ops/plus other games
we currently run 9 servers as listed below various games.please come and explore we are afreindly clan and have many members male and female from various locations on the globe.

Counter Strike Source =TWF=CSS Server:

TeamFortress2 =TWF=TF2 Server:

Left4Dead2 =TWF=L4D2 Server:

CoD2 =TWF=Hardcore (Stock Rifles Only) Server:

CoD4 =TWF=Hardcore (Stock S&D) Server:

BF2 =TWF=Battlefield 2 Server:

CoD4 =TWF=PromodLive204 (Stock S&D) Server:

CoDWaW =TWF=Hardcore (Stock S&D) Server:

CoD4 =TWF=Hardcore (MOD Server) Server:

best regards =TWF=Bigfoot