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Clan Description: We are a multi-game clan with a focus on simply hanging out and having a good time. This is a place to get away from the stress and hassles of everyday life, a place to come hang out with friends and have some good, clean fun.

Clanname:Klan of soldiers
Games played: Bad Company 2
Clan Tracker:
Current Members: 15
Game Servers: Bad Company 2 and many others
Teamspeak 3 Port 9997
Clan Leader:Kolohe83
Clan Forum:
Recruiting: Due to the nature of people putting an application in too early and having their votes being finalized based upon their interactions of such person within such a short period time, we are creating a probationary period of _2_ weeks thus having such application locked.
Once the time frame has been met the lock will be lifted and voting will occur.

Policies: 18 and over