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    |SoS|: |Special Operations Squadron| (CoD4)

    Clanname: Special Operations Squadron

    Clantag: |SoS|

    Games played: CoD4

    Clan Tracker:

    Current Members: 43

    Game Servers: |SoS| CoD4 Ranker Server/Match Server

    Clan Leader: SnwMan0

    Clan Forum:

    Clan Homepage:

    Recruiting: Yes

    The Special Operation Squadron ,Also known as the |SoS|, Was founded in 1997 by current member SnwMan0,As a way of better competing in the online gaming community’s. The team, who started a brief run in the “WarBirds” Arena, never gained the support to get off the ground and quickly ended. A short time later(Early 9 with the release of Microsofts “Combat Flight Simulator” and the hosting community “The Zone”, The atmosphere was ripe with possibilities. The |SoS| was reformed under SnwMan0,and quickly started building a reputation as the most feared team on the “Zone” with tournament win’s and ladder dominations. We remained a “Flight SIM” team throughout 2003 until the release of “Call of Duty” where we remain as a multi-gaming unit. Special Operations Squadron: |SoS| OMG Medic! SnD HC
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    <img src="" border="0" />

    Past Tournament/Ladder Awards/Wins

    Starlance 2v2 – #1 Season Standings Undefeated – Tourny Champs.
    WEC - 3 time CFS1 Champs
    WEC – 2 time CFS2 Champs
    FFA – CFS1 Squadron Champs
    FFA – CFS2 Squadron Runners Up
    WA Challange – CFS1- 1v1 Champ - SnwMan0
    Aces Competition - Round 3 – CFS1 -1v1 Champ -Slicer
    Aces Competition - Round 5 - CFS1-1v1 Champ –SnwMan0
    Aces Convention – St.Louis ,MO – CFS1 & CFS2 100% 1v1 Champ – SnwMan0
    Aces Convention – St.Louis ,MO – 100% CFS1 Wingman Champs
    Best of the Best – 1v1 Champ – SnwMan0
    TWL 3v3 Ladder #1
    TWL 4v4 Ladder #1

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    Re: |SoS|: |Special Operations Squadron| (CoD4)

    hey MoNsTeReNeRgY22, been over a year since you posted this and looks like you all are going strong.

    I've updated your servers and forum url, might want to take a quick look to see that all is well.

    this is also a bump for those who might of not seen the info on SOS.

    cheers. bean.

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