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    InDepth & Accurate Battlefield 3 Info.

    Courtesy= BF-3 Blog & E.A.

    Battlefield 3 is expected to have similar system requirements as the previous Battlefield game, Bad Company 2. Battlefiled 3 is powered by the Frostbite 2.0 engine, which is based on the previous Frostbite 1.5, which powered Bad Company 2.

    While the Frostbite 2.0 engine has a lot of new features compared to 1.5, it is also more optimized as well, which will most likely result in similar performance and Battlefield 3 system requirements for the PC. Since Battlefield 3 won’t be supporting DirecX 9, it won’t run on Windows XP.
    Minimum requirements for Battlefield 3

    * OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7
    * Processor: Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz
    * RAM: 2GB
    * Graphic card: DirectX 10 or 11 compatible Nvidia or AMD ATI card.
    * Graphics card memory: 512 MB
    * Hard drive: 15 GB for disc version or 10 GB for digital version

    Recommended system requirements for Battlefield 3

    * OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    * Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
    * RAM: 4GB
    * Graphics card: DirectX 11 Nvidia or AMD ATI card, GeForce GTX 460, Radeon Radeon HD 6850
    * Graphics card memory: 1 GB
    * Hard drive: 15 GB for disc version or 10 GB for digital version


    So far only 4 maps have been confirmed for Battlefield 3, each are remakes of popular BF2 maps which will be released for BF3 in a DLC called “Back to Karkand”. You can read more about the maps in our article here. In addition, it has been confirmed that Battlefiled 3 will feature 3 different war theaters; Paris, New York and Tehran, although it is uncertain whether that applies to the singleplayer campaign, multiplayer, or both.

    The confirmed maps are (not that the map concept art is just a representation of the visuals, and not necessarily renders of the map):
    Operation Metro

    BF3 Operation Metro
    The first Battlefield 3 map to be showcased is Operation Metro, which was playable during E3 2011. The map features a Rush mode, and is set in Paris, where the battlegrounds range from parks, to city streets, to underground subways. To see more of Operation Metro, check out this video.

    BF3 Gulf of Oman
    Gulf of Oman will retain much of the same visual style as the Battlefield 2 version, and a very similar desert setting, with both urban areas and more wide-open spaces for tank and jet combat.

    BF3 Sharqi Peninsula
    Sharqui Peninsula was a tight, urban map in Battlefield 2, and it looks to continue that style in Battlefield 3, set during the evening, which provided interesting and warm colors.

    BF3 Wake Island
    Wake Island takes a big departure from the Battlefield 2 version. Instead of lush, tropical visuals, we get a more darker and gritty map which has been ravaged by war and combat.

    BF3 Strike at Karkand
    Strike at Karkand was a dusty, grim map in Battlefield 2 with low visibility and almost no colors besides khaki. The Battlefield 3 version looks a lot more colorful and lifelike, which will be welcomed in the remake of a classic.


    The tanks in Battlefield 3 will consist of the main battle tanks of each faction. Since factions are still unknown, we don’t know for sure how many different tanks there will be. What is certain, is that the US side will feature the M1 Abrams, while the Middle East or Russian side will feature the T-90.
    M1 Abrams

    M1 Abrams
    The M1 Abrams has been the US main battle tank since 1980, and has been featured as the main tank for the US side in Battlefield 2, Bad Company 1 and 2. The M1 has been confirmed to make an appearance in Battlefield 3 as one of the main tanks in the game.

    The T-90 is Russia’s main battle tank and has been since its official introduction in 1995. It is used across the world, from India to Saudi Arabia. The T-90 has been featured in Battlefield 2, Bad Company 1 and 2, and is expected to be the main battle tank of the Russian and/or Middle Eastern forces in Battlefield 3.

    APCs — Armored Personnel Carrier — have been in all Battlefield games since Battlefield 2, and usually seat 4-6 soldiers. So far, only a few vehicles have been confirmed in the Battlefield trailers and gameplay footage.
    Bradley Fighting Vehicle

    Bradly Fighting Vehicle
    The Bradley Fighting Vehicle, also known as M3A3, is an APC with a 30mm main gun and a secondary .50 caliber machine gun. It seats 6 soldiers: 4 passengers in addition to the driver and gunner.

    The Russian made BMD-3, also known as an “infantry fighting vehicle”, is widely used across Russia and countries like India and Pakistan.

    BF3 LAV 25

    The LAV 25 is an eight-wheel APC introduced in 1983 for the US Army as an armored transport vehicle capable of transporting 9 soldiers, 3 crew and 6 passengers. The LAV 25 is one of the fastest APCs in the world, capable of achieving a top speed of 60mph (100 km/h). It sports a 25mm main gun and two 7.62 mm side machine guns.

    BF3 tunguska
    The 9K22 Tunguska is a Russian made anti-air vehicle that appeared in Battlefield 2. The Tunguska seats up to 4 crew members and has dual 30mm ani-air canon plus surface to air missiles. It has been in use since the 1970s and is still used today by several nations around the world.

    BF3 BMP 2

    The BMP-2 is the main armored personnel carrier for the Russian Forces, and seats up to seven passengers. The BMP-2 appeared in Battlefield 2 Special Forces, where it could seat 4 passengers, plus one driver and one gunner.

    The helicopters in Battlefield 3 will most certainly include the main combat helicopters of the US — the Apache — and its Russian counterpart, the Mil MI28.

    AH64 Apache
    Introduced in 1975, the Boeing AH64 Apache has been in service ever since and is the main attack helicopter of the United States. It’s one of the first vehicles to be confirmed in Battlefield 3. The Apache is used around the world by nations such as the United Kingdom, Japan, Egypt, among others.

    Mil MI28
    The Mil MI28 is the Russian counterpart to the AH64 Apache. It has been used since 1996 in the Russian army, and is also used in other nations, most noticeably, Venezuela.

    UH60 Black Hawk
    The UH60 Black Hawk is the main transport helicopter of the US military units, and has been confirmed for Battlefield 3. It can seat 5 soldiers, with a pilot, two gunners and two passengers.

    The Mil MI24 is Russia’s most popular helicopter, and the main helicopter gunship. It has two pilots who can engage a variety of targets, and also seats 4 passengers.

    Kamrov KA-60
    Battlefield 3 Kamrov KA60

    The Kamrov KA-60 will make its Battlefield debut in Battlefield 3. The chopper is a new Russian design that was introduced in 1998 as a fast reconnaissance helicopter, and for transporting air-assault forces. In addition, the helicopter can be equipped with radio-electronic jammers.

    UH-1Y Super Huey
    BF3 huey

    The Bell UH-1Y Super Huey is based on the famous Huey helicopter, but the UH-1Y is equipped with upgraded navigation and electronics, new rotors and updated engines, as well as increased speed and payload capability. The Super Huey is set to make its debut in Battlefield 3 for the first time.

    BF3 little bird
    The MH-6 Little Bird first appeared in Battlefield 2 as a part of the Armored Fury expansion pack, and is set to return in Battlefield 3. The Little Bird is a small, fast and nimble attack and recon helicopter which seats only two, but features an array of firepower, from machine guns to rockets, and can also transport a squad of 4 soldiers on a special platform on its sides.


    It’s been confirmed that Battlefield 3 will bring back jets to the familiar sandbox gameplay. So far we’ve only seen two jets in the trailers that have been shown, and those jets are:

    F/A 18 Super Hornet
    The F/A 18 Super Hornet is multi-role jet introduced in the US in 1983 and is capable of taking off from an aircraft carrier. The F/A 18 is one of the most widely used jets in the US military, and almost 1,500 have been built to date. The jet made its appearance in the first Battlefield 3 teaser trailer.

    F16 Fighting Falcon
    The F16 is the most used fighter jet in US history, with over 4,500 aircraft built since 1978. It has been in numerous wars and conflicts, and has been exported to some 25 countries worldwide. The F16 has never before appeared in a Battlefiled game, and is set to make its debut in Battlefield 3.

    Sukhoi Su-35
    The Su-35 is the next generation fighter jet for the Russian Army, and so far, only two dozen aircraft have been built. The fighter jet is a long rage, multi-purpose jet capable of air and ground attacks, and is loaded with state of the art technology and guidance systems. There are several variants of the jet, including long rage and two seater versions.

    MiG 29 Fulcrum
    The MiG 29 is the go to aircraft of the Russian Military and has been extensively exported to other nations since its introduction in 1982 — it remains the main competitor to the US F/A 18 Super Hornet. The two jets share a number of charasteristics, including their heavy use by each side: over 1,600 units of the MiG 29 have been built to date.



    The Assault class carries a primary weapon consisting of an assault rifle — like the M4 and AK-47 — and is now merged with the medic class — the Assault class can now heal and revive teammates. It can also function as a more offensive class with ability to swap out the revive kit for a grenade launcher.

    The confirmed weapons for the Assault class so far are:

    * M16A4 assault rifle for USMC, AEK-971 for Russian side.
    * M9 sidearm for USMC, MP-443 for Russian.
    * Grenade launcher or defibrillator kit.


    The Support class returns to its role it had in Battlefield 2, with its main purpose to provide heavy fire from a Light Machine Gun (like an M249 SAW), and resupply teammates with ammunition. In Battlefield 3, the Support class is broadened with the ability top use lighter weapons and assault rifles like the M4, with several attachments, including a powerful flashlight which has the ability to blind enemies in dark places.

    The confirmed weapons of the Assault class so far are:

    * M249 SAW for USMC, PKM or RPK for Russian side.
    * M9 sidearm for USMC, MP-443 for Russian.
    * The ability to use lighter weapons with attachments like the M4 or AK-74U.
    * Ammo pack to resupply teammates.
    * Ability to mount LMGs on surfaces for greater accuracy.


    The Engineer class in Battlefield 3 is very similar to the class in Bad Company 2: its primary role is to engage tanks and armored vehicles with an array of rocket launchers such as the RPG-7 and the AT4, or use anti tank mines. The primary weapon is a carbine rifle, with a variety of unlocks available, ranging from shotguns to sub machine guns.

    * Main heavy weapon includes the AT4 for USMC and RPG-7 for Russian side
    * Primary weapon is a carbine (like an M4 or AK-74U).
    * Rocket launchers can be swapped with anti tank mines.
    * Repair tool for repairing friendly vehicles.
    * M9 sidearm for USMC, MP-443 for Russian.


    The Recon class carries a sniper rifle for long range engagement, but for Battlefield 3, the Recon class has a more active role as well. The Recon also has the ability to call in artillery strikes (expected unlock). Furthermore, the Recon can equip C4 explosives to blow up enemy vehicles or map objectives.

    Recon weapons:

    * Semi automatic sniper rifle, MK11 for USMC, SVD for Russian side.
    * Will have a wide variety of team-play oriented gadgets.
    * C4 explosive pack.
    * M9 sidearm for USMC, MP-443 for Russian.

    There Are Far More Weapons But That List Has Yet To Be "Confirmed"
    Once It Is I Will Add Them To This Post. (-=TEF=-OzzMan)

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    Re: InDepth & Accurate Battlefield 3 Info.

    Great post, and thanks OzzMan for being our BF3 info source... this game looks epic and certainly hope it stays that way after purchase!

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